New Netflix Feature Gives Parents Option To Remove Movies And Shows

Lately, families are collectively spending a whole lot more time inside watching movies and TV shows, and Netflix has never been more on top of things!

Good afternoon Netflix lovers (AKA everyone). I've got some great news for you!

It seems as though Netflix has really been on the ball ever since we were told to stay in our homes until further notice.

In February they added a feature called "Top Ten".


Instead of sifting through hundreds of titles, trying to figure out what's been generating the most buzz, Netflix is now offering a new method of browsing.

This newly added row on Netflix's homepage is accessible to users around the globe, and is updated daily.


Additionally, any titles branded as being in the top ten that day are given a top ten badge in the upper corner of the cover art, so you know what's popping!

Then, last month, they joined forces with Google to create something called "Netflix Party".

There's now a Google Chrome extension that allows you to sync movies and TV shows with your friends and watch at the same time.

AND there's a group chat feature.

So, not only can you watch shows and movies with your friends from afar in unison, you can also easily chat with them about whatever you're watching.


What a time to be alive, right?

So far, everyone quarantining themselves in their homes seems to be taking full advantage of "Netflix Party" and loving it.

It is a total game-changer!

And now, Netflix is levelling up again, adding a feature for parents!


Since kids are likely spending a whole lot more time on Netflix than they were just a few months ago, the streaming service has made some changes that make the overall experience more child-friendly.

They announced yesterday that they have really upped their parental controls in the wake of this pandemic.

They explained on their blog that several new parental control options have been added to the service.

Since every family has different rules for what their children are and aren't allowed to watch, the controls are all easily adjustable to cater to every family.

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But the most fascinated new parental control feature is one that gives parents the option to hide movies and shows.

Making it appear to their kids that certain titles don't exist on Netflix at all.

In the settings, all you have to do is simply type in the titles you want blocked, and ta-da!


Another new parental control feature making waves on Netflix is one that allows parents to filter out certain ratings.

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The filters even have country-specific rating scales, making it possible to ensure that children aren't watching anything that isn't age-appropriate.

To keep kids from sneakily changing these settings when their parents aren't looking, there is also a PIN option available.

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"Choice and control have always been important for our members, especially parents," Netflix's Kids Product Manager, Michelle Parsons, wrote.

It has just become a lot easier to protect your children from watching things they aren't supposed to.

So, you can rest assured that Netflix has your children's best interest at heart!

What do you think of the latest parental control features added to Netflix?

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Happy streaming!