11+ People Let Down By Their Online Shopping Orders

Prepare to be disappointed...by other people's online purchases. Whether they didn't read the fine print or straight-up got scammed, these people learned a lesson so that you don't have to.

I wouldn't call them heroes. But actually, I might.

These stickers will not be there for you.

Reddit | yellow_niffler

This is so sad. Rather than getting individual stickers, this user's sister got one single tiny piece of what I'm just assuming is flimsy paper. That is so not cool. (Get it? Chandler? Anyone? Okay.)

Surprisingly, it wasn't listed as "handmade."

Reddit | DomesticViking

At first glance, it looks kind of close! And then you really start to see it: the crooked top of the star, the uneven holes, the completely different texture of the metal... It's a mess, y'all.

You truly don't get what you pay for.

Reddit | VitaViolet

User VitaViolet ordered this silicone mask online. It wasn't even cheap, but it was a deal that (in retrospect) was too good to be true. Well, this will be great for a parody costume, right?

You had to see this one coming, right?

Reddit | pheonixfeather_

This is such a tragedy. That first costume is a feat of engineering and artistry. The second one wouldn't look out of place in Party City (sorry, Party City fanatics — you know I'm right).

No one's mom deserves this.

Reddit | no_otalp

"Flowers I ordered for my Mum v what was delivered." Oh hell no. I would be on the phone with the florist ASAP and asking for my money back. The disrespect to moms on display here...

This is why you don't buy formalwear online.

Reddit | froggers3

My favorite part is how they tried to pass off that cheap, wrinkled fabric as the real thing. This is so funny, yet so sad. Or, as someone in the comments said, "Did they give you an Elsa kid's costume?"

Let it go, y'all.

No fox deserves this, omg.

Reddit | dialex

This is just so sad. That sweet fox on the left is a distant cousin of the one on the left. Or grandson, judging by that confusing af beard. Like, why does it have a beard? It's a fox!

Deadpool would love this.

Reddit | llewellyns

"My friend bought this costume online and I’ve been laughing all day," llewellyns said.

First of all, that is the correct reaction. Second of all, Deadpool himself would absolutely love this, and we all know it.

How did this one get by Disney?

Reddit | Scottisareptile

This is just so unbelievably sad. The lack of structure. The glued on jewels. The cheap-looking gold. Thanos himself would snap this Infinity Gauntlet out of existence.

Disney, do your thing.

This is why you have to read very carefully.

Reddit | CptBlack007

Remember: if the price of a fitness tracker looks too good to be true, it probably is. Or, as with poor CptBlack007, you're actually buying a fitness tracker accessory. Oof.

This one might just be a cat failure.

Reddit | HatsAndTopcoats

"I know he's a big cat, that's why I ordered the Large size," HatsAndTopcoats said.

Listen...this one might be on the cat, let's be real. That looks pretty close to the advertised product. That poor, chunky boy.

I guess that's why you don't buy professional spa stuff online.

Reddit | chicaburrita

According to Reddit user chicaburrita: "Said it came with ten large stones."

I mean...depends on your definition of "large," doesn't it? Maybe these are massage stones for, like, cats. Yeah, that's it. Cats.

This genuinely bummed me out.

Reddit | PolarBeaer

What happened here? How do you go from what looks like crystal and resin to...whatever that mess is?

Apparently, it was a stolen design. But good news! The poster and commenters found the original artist! I'm so glad this had a happy ending.

Aw, this is such a bummer.

Reddit | kelvin1021

So, here's my theory. Whoever sold the knockoff shirt bought the original shirt, photocopied it, and then printed that photocopy out.

Or, as a commenter put it: "deep fried shirt."

That is also an acceptable theory.

I feel so bad for laughing at this.

Reddit | Prime12345678

But guys. I genuinely snorted when I scrolled and saw the bottom picture. Look how frickin' tiny it is!

User Prime12345678 said: "GF bought this online. We were expecting something we could both stand on at the same time."

This is an insult to Pokémon.

Reddit | amazingbugcat

Poor Espeon. That first stuffed animal looks so cute and well-designed. The bottom one looks like a botched clone.

Say it with me now: Espeon! Deserved! Better! Or, as a commenter said: "Espeon more like DEPRESEON."


That's just how it is sometimes.

Reddit | youngbuck-

You order a Halloween mask, you get a paper bag lookin' thing. Are you not entertained?

In all seriousness, whoever sold that knockoff should have their butt kicked for not even trying.

What demon did this to these jeans?

Reddit | Captain_Swashy

The tragicness of this cannot be overstated.

On the left: cute, chic jeans with artfully placed rips.

On the right: my jeans from junior high that I cut holes in with scissors while sitting at my desk.

What is this? A ring for ants?

Reddit | alwaysgreat

I have no idea how this happened, or why. What's the point of making a ring that small in the first place? Is it meant for a baby? Or a doll? The world may never know.

The real crime is Yeezys being $750.


See, this is why you don't buy things on eBay that you can buy on the brand's official website. Otherwise, you're going to end up with novelty Yeezy slippers and be down $750.

Bye bye birdie.

Reddit | aoloya

What they ordered: a cute, crocheted cockatiel.

What they got: a bird that actually lowkey looks like Donald Trump. Am I wrong? You cannot tell me that I'm wrong. Thanks.

Are some florists okay?

Reddit | kirstenten18

How on Earth do you send that bouquet out and feel good about the product you're sending? That's such a bummer. My condolences to whomever wound up getting those flowers.

Reading is fundamental.

Reddit | Mandapanda5035

What they expected was a book that is large, easy to hold, and kid-friendly. What they got was...honestly, what looks like a paper printout of the book. That's brutal.

I don't see the problem here.

Reddit | Chsrmsy

Sure, you could have a patch that recreates Fox Mulder's iconic poster from The X-Files. Or, you could have a patch that speaks to your very soul. I know which one I'd pick.

So close.

Reddit | anislitim

I mean, some of the same elements are there. The zippered pockets, the...okay, so those are the only similarities. But, all in all, it's still a nice sweater!

Let me know when you see it.

Reddit | Zanowin

It took me a minute. Wow, what a masterpiece. They got so close to getting it right, but stumbled right on that last hurdle. Typos will be our downfall, guys.

Is it just me who thinks this is better or...

Reddit | mustache_slides

Honestly, it's probably good that the shirt didn't come with the design on it. "Dietary" is spelled completely incorrectly. Oops?

Anyway, I wouldn't be mad at having a cute new tank top without pizza on it.

Go girl, give them nothing!

Reddit | want_chocolate

"Ordered myself some hair dye from Amazon. First time I've gotten an invisible product from them," want_chocolate wrote on Reddit.

Maybe it will turn your hair invisible? You won't know until you try.

I am not Groot.

Reddit | GucciMonk

What happened here? What went wrong? Why is his face all squished in?

It's sad because this almost got close to being the real thing. But the smashed-in face really tanked it.

So, maybe eBay has some questions to answer.

Reddit | cutting_class

From "You can't hang with us" to "you can't sit withe." Sure, that's the same thing!

Hopefully, they opened up a request with eBay... But honestly, this is so funny that I would probably keep it.