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Boozy Easter Baskets Keep The Magic Of Easter Alive For Adults

I'm going to stick a little nugget in your brain. No, not a McDonald's chicken McNugget—I would never waste such a precious gift given to this sphere of life we call Earth. Did you every think about how after you find out the Easter Bunny no longer exists, you just suddenly stopped receiving a basket? Just me? It's truly not fair. It doesn't work out that way for the other mythical and mystical beasts!

Santa? You still get gifts Christmas morning. Tooth Fairy? Well, okay that one kind of burned too...

What I'm S A Y I N G is that it's just totally unfair that the fun had to vanish, and I'm here to tell you everyone was wrong!

The magic of the Easter Bunny is still very much alive as an adult.

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Yes, look at this! It's a boozy Easter basket made for adults.

It's just like an Easter basket from our youth, but, dare I say, *better?*

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It's still got all the iconic treats, like chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, Peeps—whatever you like.

But it also has alcohol.

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And if you want, you can just completely stuff it with an array of alcohol to choose from.

If you're making this for someone special, then load it up with other things they like! Look at it like a transparent stocking.

Instagram | @uhatx

You'll definitely make someone's Easter feel very, very special.