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You Can Get Colorful Cakes Made Entirely Out Of Cotton Candy

You know what? We may be living in what seems like a never-ending lucid nightmare, but when you see a cake completely made out of fluffy rainbow cotton candy, you untangle yourself from that pretzel position you found yourself in while scrolling through Diply articles on your couch and you smile!

No one ever really cares about cotton candy until they're at a fair, but when it's in cake form, you absolutely have my attention.

Instagram | @sweetfluffe

Yes, there is cotton candy-flavored cake, but there isn't really ever cotton candy CAKE, you know what I mean?

This fluffy rainbow beauty is made by Canadian cotton candy shop Sweet Fluffe.

Instagram | @sweetfluffe

They make an array of the sugary clouds for a whole host of celebrations, from birthdays, to baby showers, and even housewarming milestones.

Does this video make every follicle on my body shiver in fear? Yes.

You can almost FEEL it the moment this individual cuts through to make a slice.

Does looking at this cake also make me feel like it's destroying every ounce of enamel I have left on my poor teeth? Also yes.

But does it make my stress and worries vanish faster than a piece of cotton candy dissolving in my mouth? Absolutely.

Instagram | @sweetfluffe

If you're looking for a light cake made for Instagram aesthetic dreams, then Sweet Fluffe is your people.

Order your own here, and don't forget to make a dentist appointment while you're at it, just for security, y'know?