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Quotes That Show How Chaotic Self-Isolation Can Be

We're entering week four of social distancing measures in North America, which is pretty surreal to think about. What may have originally seemed like a time where many cookies would be baked, many floors would be scrubbed, and many basement crawlspaces would finally be organized might have turned into just a big ball of chaos.

I'm no professional astrologist, although many millennials might like to believe that's so, but I can guarantee all of our horoscopes for the next few months will be saying this.

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This is the one time your horoscope is actually 150% true!

Who knew being in your home could be similar to a wild night in Vegas?

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The similarities are uncanny.

This is where we are now.

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They left out the part of wiping a Lysol wipe with a Lysol wipe.

Have you discovered a newfound love for walks yet?

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Who knew in 2020 people would actually be walking outside!