17+ Moments We Wouldn't Wish On Anyone

The world loves giving us moments that make us think, "Well, I guess things can't get any worse at least," only for things to absolutely get a hundred times worse!

Whether these moments revolve around getting hit in the head with a boulder when running away from an erupting volcano, waking up to your cat having put a half-dead mouse in your mouth, or accidentally losing a giant spider in your home, there is always the chance that someone is having a worse day than you... except the people on this list that is. So, without further ado, here are 17+ things that couldn't get much worse!

"New skelton found in Pompeii: this guy was running from the eruption, when a 300kg boulder hit him right in the face."

Reddit | I_Shot_Marvin

That's got to be one hell of a bad way to go! Not only because this person's unfortunate death has gone viral on the internet thousands of years later, only for millennials to laugh at how unlucky it is.

"This is all your fault!"

Reddit | beccilouise96

Some people like a coffee first thing in the morning; however, other people like a half-dead mouse in the mouth to pick them up in the morning. I know which one I like.

"Probably the most expensive treat he's ever gotten."

Reddit | De-Eh-Team

Oh, but look at his little face! He does at least look sorry for what he has done. Or, perhaps he's just disappointed because he wants more AirPods to chew on?

"I can't wait to eat those gummy bears in my car!"

Reddit | crg339

The very idea of how sticky that dashboard is going to be is making me incredibly nauseous. Also, I guess if you gather it up quickly enough you could mold it into one giant gummy bear?

"I thought I was having a bad day, but I felt better once I realized someone at work had it worse..."

Reddit | beernerd

The person who posted this reassuringly informed people that the person who owned this truck works for the federal government. They also wrote, "When I took the picture, the owner was walking back to the truck. Apparently he didn't realize what happened until someone else pointed it out. Must've been a rough morning."

"There was an earthquake this morning..."

Reddit | FilipB_

What you want to do here is to get the rocks off, then pour some boiling water over the car and use a plunger to pop the dents out, after that it should just buff out.

"How (not) to make some Lighthouse shaped cookies."

Reddit | akashdas323

It looks like a delicious tray of cockies! Also, who decides that the shape they want their cookies to be is a lighthouse-shaped in the first place?

"My dad finally found his missing Led Zeppelin tickets... 44 years too late..."

Reddit | TheRealCorbonzo

At least he still has a piece of history to hold on to! I mean, I'd much rather have been to see Led Zeppelin, but silver linings I guess?

The person who posted this also explained, "They were stuck in between the side of a pull out drawer in his old dresser."

"Time to move, I guess."

Reddit | Missburr

No matter how many times you wash that rug, no matter how many times you run the hoover over, no matter how many professional cleaning services you pay for, that glitter will never leave your house. This is your life now.

"I bet you $1000 the fish flies in Michigan are worse then any other state. Even if I’m wrong I ain’t payin'."

Reddit | MaybeIreddit

I've never even heard of fish flies before, but after looking at this nightmare, I'm bloody glad that I haven't!

"Here's a shirt my sister bought from an Asian store... It just gets worse as it goes."

REddit | OddlyCalmOrca

"So, it says here you can speak English, that's very important for this position."

"Errr, yeah, sure, why not?"

"Having a shark swim down your street just after the worst ever recorded bushfire season."

Reddit | boahmali

Now you can't even swim out to the shops! That's a real rock and a hard place situation, stuck choosing between fires and errant sharks in the neighborhood.

"Worst Typo Ever On My College Diploma."

Reddit | AHarrisJDMBA

I mean, a lot of people were agog at how he could have had this for so long without realizing, but how closely do you ever really read certificates when you get them?

"Best way to keep old peoples at home."

Reddit | hakanfirat

I don't know what this old fella has done for them to take such drastic measures to keep him trapped inside, but it must have been something incredibly severe.

"Worst gift wrapping ever."

Reddit | mattythedog

No gift that is wrapped like this is ever worth being opened. What kind of monster would ever do this?

"Angry French Noises."

Reddit | ImperatriceSaltea

This is the sort of thing that can reduce me to tears. I normally hammer in a nail, then use a hammer claw to pry the cork out. However, someone else suggested these two options:

"Flip the bottle and smack the bottle with a rubber sole shoe in an even firm matter to slowly push the cork out, warning smacking too hard can result in a broken bottle. Or, use a light and warm the neck of the bottle until the pressure builds up and pushes the [cork] out, warning because not to burn yourself."

"Don't worry, I have seen the Lion King 1000 times. I can do this from memory."

Reddit | ksol88

It's going to be hard to be very "hakuna matata" about this situation! Looks like they're going to have lots of worries for the rest of their days!

"Just finished a DIY repair on my iPhone. This is the worst feeling in the world."

Reddit | ilagnum

Is this the worst feeling? Or is the worst feeling when you are putting together Ikea furniture and you think, "Oh, they've missed a hole here, I'll just drill through it," only to realise shortly afterwards that you've ruined your new wardrobe.

"The Walk of Shame After Halloween Is Always the Worst Walk of Shame."

Reddit | Johnny_Yukon

I feel like this could be the opening to a Taxi Driver style Scorcese movie about a pizza mascot who has been downtrodden by society for too long! It's basically Joker... but he's dressed as a pizza slice.

"Maybe the worst résumé I have received."

Reddit | FilecakeAbroad

Looking for a new job can be one of the most uniquely soul-crushing and generally tedious activities you can possibly undertake, there is always a real temptation to just send out a resume like this after hours of filling out mindless forms.

"Apparently the kids were too distracted to shut the door."

Reddit | sn00perz

Time t crank up the heaters and blast them for... oh, I don't know, a year maybe?

"McLaren inside a dealership gets hit by a loose truck wheel."


Somewhere, in the background of this picture, there is a truck driver sweating more profusely than any other human being in history.

"Remember when Colorado had a rock fall and blocked the highway? Yeah it happened again, 11 minute drive is now 3 hours."

Reddit | uhhhhhhhhhh42

Someone asked the person who posted this if they had encountered it on the way to or from work, and the person who posted this wrote, "For most people it's from. People I know have to sleep in their cars tonight because they can't turn around."

"Former One Direction member Niall Horan votes ‘no’ on a fan’s poll whether she should date him."

Reddit | CaptainCortes

As far as signals go as to whether someone might be interested in you or not, this one is pretty damn clear!

Well, That's Unfortunate!

Reddit | Jammy_Git

I'd just take the hit on the bank account and get off and get the next one I think!

"My girlfriend is the worst kind of person..."

Reddit | Drackthar

If there is any hope for you two in the future, you need to address this. I mean, aside from the fact that the cookie part is just as nice as the cream (don't @ me), putting licked cookies back in the package is out of order!

"Probably the worst slogan they could've picked for this event."

Reddit | SiphonalPizza

Either these flyers were made by someone who is incredibly dense, or they were made by someone who really likes pushing the boundaries when it comes to church flyer humor.

"If only there was something to fix it."

Reddit | fscmj

Well, that's pretty ironic. Apparently it works on plaster, drywall, and wood, but not plastic.

"Starbucks run gone wrong."


No! No! That's not how the drive-thru works, wait!

Really though, that's a ton of damage for one truck, it'd be impressive if it wasn't so awful.

Precarious Paws.

Reddit | DannyOrder

I'm kind of wondering how the cat even managed to get up there without knocking anything over. Maybe you should have some faith in them, see how it goes.

"My dog's ball got stuck in a tree, so I tried to use the ball launcher to knock it loose, and that just made it worse."

Reddit | kingevanxii

This tale has been told time and time again, always with the same result. History repeats itself indefinitely.

"The more you read, the worse it gets."


This community has everything! Living past 20, respectful government, definitely-safe-not-suspicious banks? Sign me up!

A Day Out In The Wilderness.

Reddit | jrcprl

I think that bear is just admiring their skills, one fisherman to another. Or he's hoping they'll share a bit, which I would if I were them.

"Woke up this morning and found this on the stove. I guess my wife wanted a Ginger Ale last night, but the can didn't want to share."

Reddit | Need_no_Reddit_name

The crumbled nature of the can, the haphazard way it was opened, the fact it was left on the stove, that's how you know she was an extreme level of frustrated.

"Moments before disaster."

Reddit | SaintGamer

I can hear that cat's yowl ringing through my head. The full fight this broke into couldn't have been fun to separate.

"We found the leak."

Reddit | Randolm

As many in the comments pointed out, it looks like this tire was about ready to be replaced anyway, so the timing on this was good at the very least.

"Steamed Pikachu buns gone wrong."

Reddit | strgzn

At least you can tell what they're supposed to be? plus that bottom right one isn't looking too terrible. Maybe I'm just making excuses because I really want a steamed bun.

Lost Dog.

Reddit | ricksilber

Hey, dog, it's okay, lots of us have been there. Pick yourself up and go find your passion, you deserve to be happy.

"This is unfortunate."

See, now this is ultimate sadness. No human alive would be able to fight back the sorrow that this brings.

"Jus as I hough hings couldn’ ge any worse."

Reddit | tatooinexwing

With how that E key is looking too, I think it's time to give up the ghost and get some things replaced.

"Decided to give my dog a haircut. I was too nervous to do the face and paws. I think she's annoyed with me."

Reddit | Nudnick1977

I'm with her on this one, if you knew you weren't going to be able to do the face and paws, why start the haircut? How will she ever impress the other neighborhood dogs now?

Looks Nothing Like The Pictures.

Reddit | zschultz

Sure these didn't end up how you thought, but on the bright side you know what to make for next Halloween!

"Worst fear as a student."

Reddit | 3fortune9

"Well, you got 49/50 on the test."

"Can I guess which one I got wrong?"

The Ultimate Disrespect.

Reddit | Smash2127

This dog has to be getting payback for something. What was it, a forgotten treat? A fake thrown ball?

"Someone at work left us this today."

Reddit | Videgraphaphizer

Have you ever caught a spider so big that it just moves the paper cup around with it? Now, that is terrifying!