10+ Celebs Who Made Huge Comebacks

There are many obstacles on the road to success. You take one step forward only to move two steps back. One day you're on top of the world and then all of a sudden - you're nothing.

But at the end of the day, it's not about how many times you get hit. It's about how many times you can get hit and keep moving forward.

Here are 10+ celebs who have made huge career comebacks, whether it was in their career, their personal life, or both.

Justin Bieber

Instagram | @justinbieber

Justin Bieber has come back from the brink on multiple occasions. The young star began his downward spiral in 2014 when he was arrested for DUI.

Thanks to an expertly timed Comedy Central Roast and the success of his album Purpose, The Biebs found his way back into our hearts.

Alec Baldwin

Instagram | @alecbaldwininsta

Alec Baldwin found himself in the hot seat after an unfortunate voicemail to his daughter leaked to the media.

After a very public apology on The View and thanks in-part to his impeccable Donald Trump impersonation on SNL, it would appear that Alec has redeemed himself.

Natasha Lyonne

Instagram | @nlyonne

For the better part of a decade, Natasha Lyonne made a career of being Hollywood's 'it-girl'. But when the '90s faded away, so did her acting career.

Thanks to her work on Orange is the New Black, Natasha's career has experienced a rebirth. She was even featured in Rolling Stone Magazine's 'Women Shaping the Future' issue.

Dave Chapelle

Netflix | Dave Chapelle: Sticks & Stones

Dave Chapelle at one time was the most popular comedian on earth.

For his 3rd season of Chapelle's Show, network executives offered Dave a cool $50 million. Dave refused and sought exile in South Africa.

Dave has slowly been making his return to comedy, releasing a slew of hilarious Netflix comedy specials.

Martha Stewart

Instagram | @marthastewart

When it was announced that Martha would serve jail time for insider trading, many thought that the legendary homemaker's career was over.

Thanks to a chance encounter with Snoop Dogg, as well as her appearances on several Comedy Central Roasts, the star is once again as popular as she ever was.

Demi Lovato

Instagram | @demilovato

The road to recovery is wrought with obstacles. No one understands this truth better than singer Demi Lovato.

After a recent overdose scare, Demi has resolved to make a positive change in her life and focus on her sobriety.

Her performance at this year's Super Bowl was nothing short of inspiring.

Robert Downey Jr.

Instagram | @robertdowneyjr

Robert Downey Jr. 's years as a Hollywood bad boy have become the stuff of legend. RDJ's public battles with substance abuse nearly led to the star being exiled from Hollywood entirely.

His role as Tony Stark in Marvel's Iron Man, changed his life forever.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton was an integral part of the 'first wave' of reality TV. But after the release of a highly controversial sex-tape, many wondered if the heiress would ever 'work' again.

These days Paris has a successful career as a DJ and Instagram influencer. She even has her own YouTube cooking show called Cooking with Paris.

Matthew McConaughey

Instagram | @officiallymcconaughey

Matthew got his start in Richard Linklater's period masterpiece Dazed & Confused. Afterward, Matthew became typecast; appearing in one bad rom-com after the other.

Thanks to his career-defining role in True Detective, Matthew was able to showcase the scope of his acting ability. He received an Emmy nom and went on to star in Dallas Buyers Club.

Rob Lowe

Instagram | @roblowe

Rob Lowe has always been a man in motion. But when the lights of the Brat Pack started to fade and upon finding himself in the midst of a sex-tape scandal, it became hard for Rob to find work.

Thanks to some much-needed image consulting, he was able to land roles on The West Wing and Parks & Recreation. Now rob stars on 911: Lonestar.

Michael Keaton

Fox Searchlight

Michael Keaton's portrayal of Batman was nothing short of legendary. The only problem was that not many studios thought audiences would be able to see him as anything else.

Keaton had largely cooled off until he was cast in Birdman. Since then, his career has seen a new light.

He even became a part of the MCU when he appeared in Spiderman: Home Coming as The Vulture.

Robin Right

Instagram | @robinwright

Robin's first big break came when she starred alongside Carey Elwes in The Princess Bride.

Her career nearly ground to a halt, until she was cast to play Claire Underwood in Netflix's runaway hit House of Cards.

She's since had a myriad of film and television roles, including Wonder Woman and Justice League.

Britney Spears

Instagram | @britneyspears

For a while, it almost seemed as if Britney was trying to get herself blacklisted.

She married her backup dancer, shaved her head, and was made even more infamous due to an incredibly inappropriate paparazzi shot.

These days, the Princess of Pop is living the high life, thanks to her Las Vegas Residencies and continued touring.

Mandy Moore

Instagram | @mandymoore

Many people forget but Mandy Moore actually began her career as a singer. After starring in several direct-to-video features, Mandy completely disappeared from the spotlight.

She returned in 2016 to star as Rebecca Pearson in This is Us and has just recently released her 7th studio album.