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Jimmy Fallon Asked People To Ruin TV Shows With One Word: 'It's Hashtags Time'

Considering the strange world we now find ourselves in, Jimmy Fallon has been broadcasting episodes of The Tonight Show live from his home.

He's come up with yet another hilarious game for us all to enjoy and he took to Twitter recently in order to find some recruits!

Jimmy Fallon hasn't been deterred by self isolation.

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Even though we're all participating in self-isolation, Jimmy has been broadcasting content from the comfort of his own home.

He's calling it 'The Tonight Show At Home Edition'.

YouTube | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Who needs fancy computer-generated images when you have printer paper and a black Sharpie?

The guests are still cute but less glamorous...

Just a man and his dog.

Which arguably, is even better content than normal.

A while back, he came up with a new game for us all to play.

To introduce the segment properly, Fallon took to Twitter.

It didn't take long before the tweets started rolling in.

Some were more ruthless than others.

It turns out, one word can ruin an awful lot.

This is one show I would definitely be OK with getting fired from.

Or it can make something great, even better.

Leslie Knope-a-saurus!

(If you don't get the reference, watch Parks and Recreation IMMEDIATELY.)

The thread goes on and on, as it should, because it's truly hilarious.

It's exactly what we need to get us through these hard times.

And then, Jimmy started to wonder "what else can I ruin?"

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The possibilities are endless!

Especially when we are all bored out of our minds and the only comfort is our thoughts.

First, he set his sights on ruining movies!

Once you've gone through television shows, it's only natural that you move on to feature films.

Just like before, the response was huge and hilarious.

This '90s themed throwback is a personal favorite.

Would you rather lose your mind in 10 days, or a guy in 10 days?

People couldn't wait to chime in with their favorite film.

Who remembers this classic starring Steve Martin & John Candy?


Although some did take creative liberties with the word count.

If it's a hyphenated word, is it technically one word or two?

What do you think?

Over the past month, it's become one of the most beloved segments on the show.

YouTube | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

I'm not going to lie, this one tickled me pretty good.

Follow along and your tweet could be read by Jimmy himself!

Jimmy has no shortages of hashtag ideas. What were some of your favorites?

What would you like to see Jimmy ruin with one word - let us know!