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Beautiful Mountain Bluebirds Perfectly Live Up To Their Name

There is something really special about blue. True blue pigmentation is rare in nature, and yet, when it comes to light, it's the most commonly reflected hue. It's the sky and the water, and so it has a feeling of calm and serenity.

Which makes bluebirds particularly perfect in their loveliness.

And there are plenty of bluebird species in the world, but I have to say that my favorite is the mountain bluebird.

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Especially in photos taken while there is still snow on the ground. Look how bright he is, and so fluffy with his winter down.

I know that we all see these particularly stunning animals and assume they're found in Australia.

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But not this guy! This guy is a North American beauty.

Mountain bluebirds can be found in much of the western United States and Canada, especially during breeding season, which makes them a common sign of spring's arrival.

For a while in the 20th century, the population was in decline, but it has managed to bounce back a bit.

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Since the birds nest in cavities, but don't make their own, issues like deforestation and agricultural practices limited the amount of nesting sites. However, conservation efforts and the creation of "nest boxes" for them has helped a lot.

They are said to be aggressive birds, which I can believe after seeing the look on this dude's face.

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That's okay, because it's better for us to appreciate them from afar.

If you live in a place that falls into their breeding territory, building your own nesting boxes in your yard may mean that you can enjoy the sight all season long.

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