People Are Turning Vintage Furniture Into Unique Plant Stands

Home decor seems to go through waves of different style changes. In the '80s, we had the excess of color and textures. Then we went into total minimalism in the following decades.

These days it seems that mid-century modern furniture design is where its at, especially when it comes to displaying our favorite house plants. If you're into this trend, check out how these people turned their vintage furniture into cool house stands.

Oh my! How do you like this awesome display?

I gotta say I really dig this whole set up here. What a clever way to display all your funky plants.

The whole revival of mid-century modern furniture can be attributed to shows like 'Mad Men'.

Retailers jumped on the bandwagon to deliver modern versions.

If you're lucky enough to have some older looking furniture around your house, you can give them a modern update like this cool revival of an old plant stand.

If you can believe it, this was picked up from the curb. Finders, keepers!

Mid-century modern furniture has very little to do with its older counterpart.

It basically just takes from the style of the '40s and '50s and gives it a modern twist.

I bet if you bought something like this today it would cost you a bundle.

Why? Because it's just a marketing scheme that cashes in on the trend, ha, ha! Although, you can score some good finds at thrift stores.

I really love the cool vibe of this piece.

This is something I would definitely consider getting to display my plants in. What do you think of this?

When you're looking for that '50s feel but you don't have any old furniture that would suffice, you can still find pieces like these at garage sales.


This is super awesome.

This definitely proves that the '50s are back in vogue again.


This one would be so great to display my rubber plant in when it grows like this.

And if you're really crafty and can follow directions well, you can use this tutorial to make yourself a funky mid-century modern plant stand like this one.

And Then We Tried


How would you like something like this in your space?


I think I would like it just fine. It adds a cool vibe to the surroundings and it's useful, too.

Oh my gosh, I'm totally in love with how cute this looks.


I would totally dig having something like this in my house. What do you think of this?

How sweet would this look on your porch?


This would bring a whole new vintage vibe into your outdoor oasis. Yes, I can get behind something like this.

Even an old stool like this deserves a new lease on life.

Here, it clearly becomes the perfect plant stand and a cool centerpiece for the room.

See? You can bring that nostalgic mid-century charm into your space whether by upcycling old furniture or getting something that has the same vibe.

I'm loving all these choices.