16+ Things We Didn’t Expect To Go That Way

So many people try to meticulously plan out their life; however, the world is a surprising and ever-changing place! And no, I'm not talking about any of the big things like politics or climate change, but the smaller aspects of life that keep us on our toes.

From chaotic geese terrorizing humanity at whatever chance they get to elderly women using small marionettes of themself to feed squirrels (yes this is real), here are a series of pictures to highlight the everyday strangeness of reality. So, please enjoy these 16+ things that we didn't expect to go that way!

"A pointed warning..."

Reddit | adellamary2

How many accidents has this shop seen before they decided to adopt this policy? Also, those arrows can be really sharp in case you didn't know... I mean, I don't know why you wouldn't.

"Not something I expected to see in my statistics textbook."

Reddit | hewwitt

Ah, statistics textbooks, widely known for their jovial and light-hearted tone! Christ, I wish my school textbooks had been like this. The only levity in those was where people had drawn male genitals on all of the biology textbooks.

"My local fire department makes a compelling offer."

Reddit | crybabezzz

A cool hat you say? Say no more, I'm in!

"Daughter left her phone out AGAIN. Had fun with text replacement."

Reddit | Tandjame

Who doesn't have a passcode for their phone in this day and age? If you leave your open phone out then you're asking for this kind of thing!

"One of my friends gave her husband a cake to let him know they're expecting."

Reddit | KnuckIFyouCluck

I'd also like to have one of these in my car at all times so that I can throw them at cars who cut me off in traffic.

"Something has been stealing cat food and leaving mystery poops in the garage. Finally caught the culprit in the act. I was not expecting this."

Reddit | PuppyCurbStomp

All you need now is to lure in another three, train them in the art of karate and eating pizza, and then you're living in a cartoon!

"What were you expecting?"

Reddit | Demobeast

My neighbor had a plasma TV. They're so cute when they're little, but the births are never easy.

Old Woman Using A Marionette To Feed Squirrels.

Reddit | SmellYaLater

I think this is adorable. However, can you imagine if your barista at Starbucks was being operated by an even larger barista standing behind them and controlling them with strings? The stuff of nightmares.

"I was expecting a photo of his grandkids..."

Reddit | noodlesnbeer

And the award for dadest dad joke of all time goes to this gentleman! Future dads will pay homage to him every year in recognition of his contributions to the field of dad jokery.

"Made a little paper cutout to give my roommate a good scare. April fools y’all."

Reddit | chubbdeep206

Apparently, their roommate has a crippling fear of spiders, so they will absolutely hate this. Also, they went on to say "He hates lights being on too so this is going to mess with his complex".

"Well...that's unexpected from a church."

Reddit | inmyrhyme

Sure, it might not count as going to church, but it can be a lot more fun! Unless, you're only screaming "Oh God!" because you stubbed your toe on the corner of the bed frame when on your way to the bathroom, in that case, it is not fun.

"Seriously Little Caesars... WTF?!"

Reddit | jenjen8806

One very disgruntled, and clearly bored, maths postgrad student pointed out that this may be the maximum number of slices you can make with only four cuts. I just think that they were bored and in a hurry though.

"WTF did I read on this cheese label?"

Reddit | E_Knight

Wow, that sounds like some truly incredible cheese! One thing that I always look for in my cheese is if bards sing songs of its greatness.

"Modern problems call for modern solutions."

Reddit | anislitim

Is there anyone who actually like being the person who calls the pizza in? In my experience, it is a job that everyone furiously tries to shift onto someone else until one person, normally the hungriest person, gives in.

"That took an unexpected turn..."

Reddit | Alekseeef

What is this school teaching these kids? Wherever this school is, I'm going to definitely be sending my kids there! No matching socks and communism sounds like an interesting way of life to say the least.

"I guess I should expect delays."

Reddit | cbear93

Finally, there are workmen being realistic about how it takes for literally any piece of road maintenance to be finished.

Asking The Difficult Questions.

Reddit | garyglitterkidhunter

I understand that they were glad that their daughter asked about bread and not something more... tricky. However, I'd still be terrified about someone asking me how to make bread. I mean, where would you begin?

"I'm sure we've all been there Dylan."

Reddit | O851D14N

Ah, Dylan Wilson, wherever you are, I hope that you are still leaving errant pork chop residue strewn across hotel beds! Never change, you're living your best life.


Reddit | bleepblopbloopbleep

Now, I know that these Disney live-action remakes make a lot of money, but do they really need to make this one?

"Don't say we didn't warn you."

Reddit | bobcats2019

Why are geese so aggressive? Ducks are cool as hell, but then geese just have absolutely no chill. Maybe they're just annoyed that they're not ducks. And that is it, I have officially thought every thought that there is.