Get The Easter Party Started With Boozy Easter Egg Jell-O Shots

I'll never forget when I discovered that the Easter Bunny wasn't real (I really hope you're not reading this out loud to your kids, and if you are, tell them it's a cruel April Fool's joke!). It was actually Christmas, and there was a commercial where a man dressed in an animal suit changed into a Santa costume to greet hoards of children at the mall, waiting to reveal their wishes for Christmas.

Somehow, my 9- or 10-year-old brain (yes, I was that old!!) couldn't make sense of the situation—how could Santa be two different characters? And then it hit I asked my mom, "Are you Santa?" To which she replied, "Ho ho ho," and everything I ever believed crumbled right before my eyes. Goodbye, Tooth Fairy. So long, Easter Bunny. Don't ask me how I was still convinced Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster still existed, but that's for another time.

I was absolutely crushed that I would no longer receive Easter basket, but I was very mistaken. You can still enjoy all the treats Easter has to offer as an adult. Case in point: boozy Jell-O Easter eggs.

Move over chocolate bunnies! Easter egg Jell-O shots are all we need to enjoy the festivities.


If you never thought to make Easter egg Jell-O shots to put on an adult Easter egg hug, maybe you are now!

All you need is a Jell-O shot recipe and some plastic eggs.

Ramblings From Utopia

Blogger Ramblings From Utopia' shows how to very carefully drill holes in the tops of the plastic eggs so that you don't have to do that half-and-half business with the Jell-O.

You'll be able to easily fill the eggs through the holes, preferably with a syringe to create minimal mess.

Making Jell-O shot eggs is like the adult version of painting eggs, if you ask me.

Crafting A Family

Also, it's worth noting that you will have to actually eat these and not slurp them down like a classic tiny Jell-O shot.

There are tons of fun recipes to really give them a colorful spring aesthetic.


Find this fun layered rainbow egg Jell-O shot here.

This is certainly my idea of crafting!