10+ Jobs That Hollywood Gets Wrong In Their Movies And Shows

Not all that glitters is gold in Hollywood.

Take, for instance, these 10+ jobs that Hollywood got wrong, time and time again, in their movies and shows.

Maybe it's supposed to all be a part of the Hollywood magic.

Hollywood gets a lot of things wrong when it comes to a LOT of topics. But hey, the point of media is to get rid of the realism and bring us into a world of fantasy.

But even then, it doesn't always work out for the best!

No matter how exaggerated they make some movies or shows, some people can't get over how badly their job is represented in Hollywood!

From being overdramatic to incorrect altogether, here are the jobs that Hollywood just can't get right!

1. Nurses and doctors


"Most of the tasks performed by docs on TV shows are delegated to nurses or techs. As an ER or internal medicine physician, you won't be scrubbing in for your patients surgical procedures, you stay in your department.

"There is little to no sexy time in on call rooms. And for the love of god YOU DONT SHOCK A FLAT LINE." —Kaatiekay

2. Therapists

In things like The Sopranos, You, and Step Brothers, therapists end up developing very personal — even romantic — relationships with their clients.

Truth is, this hardly happens. Some guidelines even prohibit it.

3. Stand-Up Comedians

We already knew from what we do watch in Hollywood, being a comedian is hard.

It takes a really long time for anything good to happen to them, and the rise to fame is definitely not as quick as it was for Mrs. Maisel.

4. Hackers


"Hackers aren't all Twinky eating, paranoid introverts that have servers stacked in their mother’s basement just to snoop on the NSA.

"They're not all going to hack your mainframe from your database and steal your info with 3 seconds left before connection terminates." —Tomer

5. Architects

Architects are portrayed as being super rich in movies. But that's not always the case.

"99% of Architects work in offices/cubicles just like the rest of the business world. And we live in boring houses/apartments just like the rest of the business world.

"Few of us make enough money to even go out to eat ever; let alone to a function involving the rental or purchase of a tuxedo. And an Architect’s salary is hardly enough to support one person; never mind a family." —Jim Davis

6. 911 Dispatcher

While it may seem like the life of a dispatcher is always chaotic and full of emergencies, that's not the case!

While they may ask questions to find out more, they don't walk you through crime-fighting, as the whole point of their job is to put you through to the right people to help.

5. Freelance writers


Writers were in a for a huge surprise when they discovered that Carrie Bradshaw's life on Sex and the City was a lie.

There was no way a person could survive in New York on a weekly columnist's salary.

In real life, it would cost $2,116 per month to live where she was on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

This is compared to the cool $700 that she paid a month for her rent-controlled apartment on the show.

6. Stay-At-Home Dads

Why are we pointing out dads and not moms? Well, Hollywood likes to portray fathers as being completely useless when it comes to parenting.

That is, very obviously, not the case at all. They know how to care for the kids!

7. Forensic science experts

If you've dreamed of having a career like on CSI, you're in for a dose of reality.

"Forensics can't analyze that blood, urine or sperm sample in real-time while the Sheriff waits on the phone. They also can't analyze that contaminated sample that's been sitting for years waiting for technology to catch up." —Tomer

8. Archaeologists

"It's all pretty much wrong, especially Indiana Jones. The artifacts are important, but the context (cough the temple you just destroyed cough) is usually more important because it contains the data.

"Also, we work slowly and carefully." —Balaena_mysticetus

9. Bartenders


The person behind the bar is there to pour your drink, not listen to your problems.

"And they don't get to sit around listening to people's problems all day either, although they do sometimes between rushes." —SuddenTerrible_Haiku

10. Social workers

Those who work in the industry are really tired of being seen as "baby stealers."

"Having worked in child protection I can also say that it is more stressful than ANY job ever because you are really trying to do the right thing for the family.

"Also, if you screw up, everyone will be ready to burn you at the stake...they all assume you just want to take kids away when really you dread doing that because of the mountain of paperwork it involves." —Bat-Lady-Is-Tired

11. Magazine Editors

Similar to a freelancer, being a magazine editor isn't exactly how The Devil Wears Prada makes it seem.

Not every major boss is evil and British, and the pieces being written are not often very personal.

12. Graphic Designer

While it can be a fun job for many, it's not the big moneymaker that people like to think it is! It's rare that someone gets paid six digits for something small.

Not every graphic designer can be living in a penthouse, that's for sure.

13. Working in a kitchen

Turns out, working in a kitchen is a lot like being on Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen!

"I gotta say, I've never seen a kitchen portrayed accurately. People are rarely calm, often screaming at each other from across the kitchen. It's a high stress environment trying to make food and make it well," said Reddit user RobsterLobster.

"Nobody except the waitstaff actually cares about their appearance. Kitchens are definitely not the pristine 'just bought yesterday' looking things you see on the screen."


"Also, nobody is having meaningful conversation. It's usually jokes and insults. The saying is true, if you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen."

14. Lifeguards


"A lot of the time boring as hell. It’s more enforcing rules and standing around watching than anything else," wrote this Reddit user.

Another user wrote that the job is basically being a "pool janitor" since you're in charge of fishing out things like poop and vomit!


15. Lawyers


Being a lawyer isn't as dramatic as you think.

"Being a lawyer is three months of paperwork and research and one day of trial... and we don't yell at or intimidate witnesses — if I did what you see in movies I'd be disbarred pretty quickly." —wynnduffyisking

16. Servers


Not every server is out to spit in your food!

"I wait tables. In six years I have never EVER seen anyone spit in anyone's food. We usually just talk [expletive] in the kitchen and make everyone laugh at you." —bite_my_nuts

Want to see what it's like? Watch Vanderpump Rules.

What other jobs do you think Hollywood got wrong in their movies and shows?

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