14+ Tweets For People Who Just Don’t Get It

It's a crazy, crazy world that we live in isn't it? From the fact that social media influencers can earn more than healthcare workers, to the fact that people still watch Riverdale, the world is truly a confusing place.

However, it is perfectly okay to be baffled by the insanity of the world that we live in ⏤ and with that in mind, here are 14+ tweets for people who really just don't get it.


Twitter | NewDadNotes

Nice one, now I have that damned song in my head. Is it possible to even read that simple line without singing that whole damn song to yourself?

The Q Anomaly

Twitter | i_zzzzzz

I don't know why it is that I completely agree with this statement but it is absolutely true. Can someone start a petition to get this rectified.

The Land Before Memes

Twitter | broazay

Christ, I remember these days like they were yesterday. No reference from that film was too obscure, and no line could be said enough times.

Why Isn't It Working?

Twitter | Becckitt

That's because of the fact that the only real cure is to eat far too much junk food and binge watch literally anything that you can on Netflix.

The Only Rule Of Burritos

Twitter | MNateShyamalan

I don't understand why some people eat unpacked burritos in a bowl either? The whole point is packing that meat and rice into a very flimsy tortilla and having it inevitably burst on you, covering you in sauce and gubbins.

Growing Up Ain't Easy

Twitter | roxiqt

I think this was also the thinking behind the new animal crossing game, and it's perfect.

*X-Files Music*

Twitter | riarklerise

I mean, there's obviously a very easy answer to this and I definitely know what it is... I just want to see if you guys can guess what it is in the comments below!

Don't Feed The Roombas!

Twitter | DrExpat_

This is how the biblical plague of Roombas began. They spread across the land, cleaning all of the world's floors until, after they had cleaned everything, they turned on the source of the dirt... humanity!

Can't Everyone Just Get Along?

Twitter | notviking

I often think the same thing about people needing to get along; except when I get drunk I don't get angry about horse girls, but about the fact that people like The 1975.

Unchartered Territory

Twitter | OctopusCaveman

I hope that they asked you this before trying it out. Because if not, you've got some home repairs to be doing.

Stop Bouncing!

Twitter | PrettyRicc

And they'll never stop bouncing. The banks, the government, and business managers will just keep bouncing away until you give in.

Just Imagine...

Twitter | meladoodle

There are few things quite like the discovery of a huge chip in a packet of chips to bring people together, all marvelling at its majesty as one.

*Drunken Yelling*

Twitter | BraandoCommando

I hate having to learn the rules to a new drinking game, it's easier to just drink all of your ale as quickly as possible and avoid the needless confusion.

"I Don't Get It"

Twitter | SusannaLHarris

But... what do they worry about? What do they do with their time when their brain isn't constantly reminding them of cringe-worthy things they have done throughout their life?

The Hardest Challenge Of All

Twitter | ImTheeBrock

If humans were meant to save money, then God wouldn't have invented takeaways and online shopping.


Twitter | spoodermab

There is nothing quite like watching Kitchen Nightmares to turn you into a culinary expert, all while you eat your curry Pot Noodle.

Where Was I?

Twitter | perfumegenius

I get this a lot. I've now realized that it is because I don't care about whatever I'm talking about 90% of the time.

Pretty Memorable

Twitter | laurennhartford

One thing is for certain, no one is going to forget your email! I mean, not for any of the right reasons, but silver linings and all that.

Impossible Questions

Twitter | kinderstgarten

I like to measure my weight in cheetahs, as I have absolutely no idea how much a cheetah weighs so it can be whatever I want it to be.

The Sad Truth Of TikTok

Twitter | TheCatWhisprer

I've also had invasive medical procedures that were more enjoyable than actually watching any of the content on TikTok.