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10+ Celebs Who Are Going Makeup Free During Isolation

We're all making sacrifices during this time of self-isolation, but it hasn't been all bad. I myself have worn pajama pants for the past 4 days in a row and it just feels right.

Hollywood is hopping on this trend as well.

Here are the celebs who are taking off their makeup as a solemn pledge to stay home and stay safe.

Elizabeth Banks: Dungeon Master

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It's important to try new things in life; that's Elizabeth Banks' philosophy. Her self-isolation has led her to discover the wonderful world of table-top gaming!

The pink onesie, fresh face, and oversized reading glasses positively SCREAM "Dungeon Master."

Cindy Crawford Plays Solo Backgammon

Cindy Crawford is a different breed. While others watch movies to combat the boredom of self-isolation, she likes to play Backgammon - by herself!

I've heard of Solitaire but Solitaire Backgammon? That's a new one. Oh, and can you even tell she isn't wearing makeup? No. You cannot.

Dakota Fanning Wants YOU...To Stay Home

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Self-isolation is something that Dakota Fanning takes very seriously. She bares all to encourage her fans to do their part and stay home.

In case you were curious, Angela Sewell is her mother's best friend and a recent transplant recipient.

All Smiles for Julianne Moore

Instagram | @juliannemoore

Julianne Moore is absolutely radiant without makeup. She's been keeping busy and staying positive with the help of online Yoga & Meditation courses.

If you want to join Julianne, check out The Shala on Instagram.

Ciara & Russell Wilson Get Cozy

Ciara is positively beaming without makeup.

She and husband Russell Wilson recently celebrated their five year anniversary and took to IG Live to share the milestone with friends and family.

Amanda Seyfried Paints Her Masterpiece

Instagram | @mingey

Like I mentioned earlier, we all have our own ways of dealing with boredom.

But Amanda Seyfried is...well, 'unique' to say the least. She's removed all trace of makeup, only to turn herself into a living Picasso.

Vanessa Williams is Still a Stunner

Instagram | @vanessawilliamsofficial

Vanessa Williams took this fresh-faced selfie the morning of her 57th birthday.

With one single selfie, the singer/actress has given all new meaning to the phrase "I woke up like this - flawless."

Underneath It All With Jenna Dewan

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Jenna Dewan is a damn good dancer. But more recently, she's also become a damn good mother to a beautiful baby boy!

This gorgeous no-makeup mirror selfie is a look that she likes to call 'Quarantine Chic'.

Heidi Klum says "Hallo Deutschland!"

Heidi Klum is fashionably comfortable as she says a quick 'hallo' to her German fans.

I have absolutely no idea what she's saying at any point in the video, but that's beside the point.

Red Hair/Don't Care with Ariel Winter

Instagram | @arielwinter

Guess who's a redhead now? Ariel Winter is rocking a whole new look for her self-isolation.

The TV star's natural beauty shines bright as does her confidence in her own comfort.

January Jones' Self-Care Routine

Who doesn't love a good face-peel? Former Madmen star January Jones sure does.

She took to Instagram to share her tips for self-care, as well as her own daily skincare routine.

Ashley Graham's No Makeup Newborn Selfie

Instagram | @ashleygraham

Ashley Graham is a new mama! But even with all the stress of a newborn, she still finds time to encourage her fans and supporters to stay home.

Her beautiful baby is her motivation to self-isolate.

Julia Roberts Removes Makeup and No One Notices

Instagram | @juliaroberts

Julia Roberts could wear a paper bag over her head and she'd still be beautiful.

The Oscar-winning actress posted this selfie (sans makeup) via Instagram as a pledge to stay home in order to protect the people she loves.

Harley Quinn Goes Au Natural

Kaley Cuoco has been going makeup-free since this entire thing began, and good for her for doing so!

She's a total natural beauty, so why wouldn't she want to rock it?

It's an Exfoliation Celebration!

Instagram | @jessicaalba

Jessica Alba knows the value of multi-tasking.

She's pictured proudly rocking a full clay mask while putting in the hours at The Honest Company's home office. Don't neglect that T-zone, Jessica!