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10+ Celebs Who Are Reading Books On Instagram To Entertain Children

We all know that the schools are shut down. What you may not have known is that roughly 30 million children rely on the school system to provide them with a nutritious meal.

#SAVEWITHSTORIES is partnering with your favorite bookworm celebs in order to help spread the love of reading and raise funds.

Let's cozy up and crack those covers!

Star-Lord to the rescue!

When Chris Pratt isn't guarding the galaxy, he enjoys kicking back with a good book!

You can enjoy Maverick & Me as read by Chris and his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger-Pratt (who also happens to be the book's author!).

The mother of bed-time stories

Warning: cuteness overload.

Emilia Clarke getting licked to death by a dachshund while reading Bear's Loose Tooth by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman, may cause involuntary giggling and severe light-heartedness.

View with caution.

Chaos theory explained

Life is chaos. But that doesn't mean you can't find time for a good story every now and again!

Jeff Goldblum reads this Dr. Seuss classic as only he can: slowly, hypnotically, and oh so enjoyably!

Captain America the first storyteller

Chris Evans might just be the storyteller that this world needs.

If you've ever made the mistake of 'giving a mouse a cookie', just wait to find out what happens when you Give a Dog a Doughnut.

Bringing it on to the children

I said, "'s cold in here." There must be Gabrielle Union reading a children's book in the atmosphere?

Relax and listen to Hair Love: a heartwarming story about a young black girl learning to love her hair!

Backstreet's back

Quit playing games with my heart! You can now experience the pure unfiltered joy of Nick Carter, Howie D, and AJ Mclean reading 'Click, Clack, Moo Cows That Type' in perfect sequence. 90s' kids rejoice!

Read with "The Dude!"

He's not 'Mr. Bridges' - he's 'The Dude'. That's what you call him!

So grab yourself a nice cold beverage and settle-in as Jeff Bridges reads the delightful tale of All The World by Liz Garton Scanlon.

Let's get weird

Twenty-five years ago, Weird Al taught us never to make Phony Calls.

Now the infamous Master of Parody is back and reading his own self-authored book: When I Grow Up. It's a Polka-Party in a book!

Jamie-Lee gets silly

The immeasurable Jamie-Lee Curtis is here to provide some care-free/scare-free fun for all the kiddies at home!

Her book Today I Feel Silly & Other Moods That Make My Day is a beautiful tale designed to help children learn about their emotions.

Captain Marvel returns

What does Earth's mightiest Avenger do in her downtime? She breaks down barriers and eliminates stereotypes of the animal kingdom!

Her story Giraffes Can't Dance is a hilarious tale about defying conventions, following your heart, and of course - dancing.

The slayer of stories

Sarah Michelle Gellar hung up her wooden stakes and silver bullets a long time ago.

Now Buffy is back, reaching out and reading aloud from Pig the Pug. It's a charming story that teaches the importance of sharing and the value of friendship.

Lori the friendly shark

Lori Grenier is known as "The Queen of QVC."

Her book Duck! Rabbit! is about differing perspectives; how two people can be looking at the same thing and each sees something different.

So what do you think: is it a duck or a rabbit?

Mysterio reads mysteries

Jake Gyllenhaal is a man many of many hats. He's been a cowboy, a supervillain - even a time-traveling somnambulist.

But the greatest role of his career may just be as the narrator in Jamie-Lee Curtis' Where Do Balloons Go?.

Burning books with Ellen

Just to be clear: at no point does the comedian burn any actual books. Ellen's selection of Home tends to lean toward the 'dry side'.

But if the book doesn't hook you, watching her pets cozy up by the fire should do the trick.

A book with some BOP

Margot Robbie could have an incredibly promising career in vocal performance art.

You know; if this whole Oscar-nominated actress thing doesn't pan out.

It's nothing short of delightful watching her lose herself in A Sick Day for Amos McGee.