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You Can Buy Punny Teacups That Make Quarantine Much More Cozy

Anyone else feeling the stress these days? Raise your hands with me! These are really trying times for many people, and we could really use some positivity, or "positivitea," and Etsy seller LadyMayhemsTea is here to serve it.

Etsy seller LadyMayhemsTea is known for making cheeky and sassy vintage teacups, but this time, she's using her quick wit to play on current events.

Etsy | LadyMayhemsTea

She spun the ubiquitous term "quarantine" into "quarantea," and it couldn't work more perfectly.

This is definitely one to sip some chamomile or lavender tea from!

Anxiety works very much the same way.

Etsy | LadyMayhemsTea

See the pattern?

But we can't forget that we need to try and stay positive during this time!

Etsy | LadyMayhemsTea

Each punny word is placed on an upcycled vintage teacup for $15 a pop.

Order one for yourself to enjoy, or gift to those in your life who could really use some positivtea right now!