10+ Trending Houseplants To Add To Your Collection

Now that spring is really in the air you might be thinking of getting some new houseplants. This is the perfect time of the year to add more plants to your collection.

I'm already thinking of which low-maintenance plants I might consider getting myself. Here are a few awesome varieties that will definitely make a statement in your house.

1. Boston Fern

I grew up with these plants in my house. This fern likes high humidity, indirect light, and cooler temps. It's also non-toxic to pets.

2. Rubber Plant

This is one of the plants I acquired last year and I'm happy to report it's still alive. Ha, ha! It likes indirect light and regular watering.

3. Bamboo Palm

I've had bamboo plants but not the palms. Apparently, they're one of the easiest palms to take care of so I might take a chance on one.

4. Snake Plant

Don't let the name scare you — it just resembles a snake with its sleek and spiky leaves. Just remember to turn the pot around often for even light distribution.

5. Chinese Evergreen

This is such a gorgeous-looking plant, isn't it? As this is a rainforest plant, it loves moisture and isn't a fan of too much sun.

6. Peace Lily

I might be biased because I bought a peace lily last year and it's growing beautifully. It's so easy to take care of. Trust me.

7. Chinese Monkey Plant

What an adorable little plant. I think this would look fab in your home office. It loves bright and indirect light. I want one!

8. Cactus

I grew up with lots of cactus plants so I know they are usually super easy to maintain. They don't need too much water or direct sunlight.

9. Air Plants

You might be asking, "Are these real?" I'm telling you, yes they are! These plants can be put in planters that resemble jellyfish and are totally low-maintenance. They only need an occasional misting. Wow!

10. Aloe Vera

This plant needs to be watered deeply once a week and doesn't need direct sun. The gel inside the leaves is a fantastic natural skin moisturizer. Love it!

11. Spider Plant

I almost bought one of these plants last year. This plant has an air-purifying ability to freshen your home. To keep it growing well, make sure the soil is moist and don't leave it in direct sunlight.

12. Fishhook Plant

Its tiny little leaves look just like fishhooks and you'll love how it cascades down, creating pretty greenery in your home. It's also easy to care for.

13. Jade Plant

This pretty little succulent may be just what the doctor ordered. A jade plant lives a very long time so it's a perfect companion to keep around.

14. Fiddle Leaf Tree

This funky-looking plant is getting some love recently, especially if you can find it at Costco. It likes indirect light and moderate watering.

15. Split Leaf Philodendron

I've seen these plants around, especially in doctors' offices. I guess it's because of their cool and chill tropical vibes. Don't overwater this baby, though.

16. Calathea

Isn't this such a unique-looking plant? This lovely jungle plant will add some extra oomph to your space. It likes high humidity and frequent misting.

17. Bird Of Paradise

What a cool name for a pretty plant. This one will thrive in full sun and loves to be kept moist all the time.

18. ZZ Plant

No, it wasn't named after ZZ Top. Its actual name is Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, so I get why they shortened it. This one can take lots of neglect, so it's good for people who have a habit of killing plants.

19. Fishtail Palm

This would be perfect for that empty space in your house. But be careful — this plant loves lots of water and needs plenty of care to stay healthy.

20. Umbrella Plant

This typically underrated — but pretty — plant is easy to care for and adds graceful foliage to any room. It can grow pretty high, so get ready for it!

21. String Of Pearls

Oh my goodness, what an unusual looking plant. As it's a member of the succulent family it doesn't need too much water and likes indirect sunlight.

22. Donkey Tail

Speaking of succulents, let me introduce you to Donkey Tail. This plant that looks like a shaggy dog is really heat- and drought-tolerant. Isn't that fantastic?

So what do you think?

Which plant or plants are you excited to add to your collection? I'm totally eyeing the String of Pearls, Chinese Monkey plant, and probably the Donkey Tail.

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