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Step Up Your Spring Cocktail Game With Peeps-Infused Vodka

People have been infusing vodka with candy for years. Gummy bears, Skittles, sour gummy worms, and Jolly Ranchers are just a few flavors that magically turn your vodka into a sweet treat that you can even enjoy without a mixer right on the rocks!

Did you ever think of giving your candy-infused vodka an Easter remix with Peeps?

It seems wild, but yes, you can even infuse your vodka with Peeps marshmallows!

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If you think about it, there's already marshmallow-flavored vodka on the market, so this combo actually works well.

And it looks really neat, too!

Basically, all you have to do is buy a ton of Peeps, shove them into a large mason jar or jug, pour enough vodka over them until they're completely submerged, and let them chill for a few days.

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Every recipe is different, but you basically want to wait until the sugary marshmallow chicks start dissolving.

After you've strained your Peeps-infused vodka to remove excess Peeps marshmallow gunk, you have a sweet colorful marshmallow-flavored vodka waiting to make the perfect Easter cocktails.

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Create a sweet pink lemonade with it, make a Peeptini on the rocks, mix with your favorite soda, or line up some shots for everyone.

You can also infuse Sprite with Peeps so your kiddos can enjoy the experiment, too.

My Incredible Recipes

There are so many different colors and flavors of Peeps that you can really curate a unique flavored vodka to impress all your Easter guests.