32 Viral Pics That I Don't Think I Ever Want To Witness Again


The nice thing about the internet is that you can view some pretty weird stuff without even venturing from your home. While I don't regret seeing these pics, exactly, I think I'd be fine with not seeing them again.

Bat's a nasty surprise.

Reddit | AnAssGoblin

Have you ever had a bat get loose in your house? It's basically the worst thing ever. Imagine reaching for your shampoo in the shower only to find this.

Kill it with fire.

Reddit | SligPants

Speaking as someone who endeavours to respect the differences that make us all unique, I can definitively say that I want no part of this image.

Close call.

Reddit | wilpoptires

If there are lessons here, they're the fact that kneepads are a good idea, skateparks are dangerous, and wooden shards are our oldest foe.

This is fine.

Reddit | edrini

I don't know what causes a cemetery of all places to burst into flames, but the end result is pure nightmare fuel.

NYC living.

Reddit | Cyanidesuicideml

Everyone has lived somewhere sketchy at some point, but this studio apartment takes things to another level.

Imagine falling into your bathtub as you try to make dinner, or washing dishes as you sit on the toilet.

Maybe this shouldn't have been preserved.

Reddit | unknown_poo

This prehistoric arachnid was found preserved in amber. If geneticists try to pull a Jurassic Park and clone this horrible looking creature, I'm going to be pretty upset.

This shouldn't be.

Reddit | catsmustdie

Pugs are cute enough dogs and all, and it's not their fault that they look the way they look. Still, when you look at their skull, it's proof that we should maybe take it easy on the selective breeding.


Reddit | cdeae

This is a stack of 27 — yes, count 'em (or don't!) — 27 contact lenses that were found in a woman's eye. Speaking as a contacts wearer, I think I'll switch to glasses.

Do you need a special permit for that?

Reddit | [deleted]

I'm not going to pretend to understand how a giant squid came to be parked in this parking spot. I'm just glad that I only have to see it, not live it.


Reddit | Kolsefur

Uh, guys, I'm sure you really love golf and all, but sometimes Mother Nature sends a pretty clear message. I think this might be one of those times.

Bursting at the seams.

Reddit | TheRealAspidistra

Yes, when you hoard and hoard and hoard, you can literally make your house crack at the seams. I probably still wouldn't be able to afford the down payment on this place, though.

Pop goes the gecko!

Reddit | quatraine

Everyone's familiar with those cheap rubber weird-smelling bug toys you can get. I guess you have to pay extra for the ones that include a real gecko inside.

Nice day for a swim.

Reddit | nephilis

This storm surge from Hurricane Harvey is clearly carrying something on the surface of the water. Is it raw sewage? No, it's much worse. You're looking at millions of bitey fire ants.

The end times are nigh.

Reddit | AcceptableJunket

Wildfires in Australia last year were so intense that they blotted out the sun. I can't even imagine going outside and seeing a world that looks like this.

Hard pass.

Reddit | Elaflynts

This person was looking in the attic of a house they were thinking of buying to find this. Let's hope they noped harder than they'd ever noped before.

Why not just saw our legs off?

Reddit | jcepiano

These 'economy' airline seats don't exist on any real planes (yet). But if this is the new normal, I guess I'm never flying ever again.


Reddit | HumanNutrStudent

This woman was struck by lightning. From the pattern of the burns, you can almost trace how the shockwaves of pain must have moved through her body.

Keep those windows shut.

Reddit | MathMu59

I know that spring is a nice time to let the air in, but when there's literally a wild panther stalking the rooftop outside, it's probably best to keep the windows shut.

Suffering for art.

Reddit | Buldog4354

Now that I've seen these feet, what a ballerina goes through for their art must be respected. Because that looks like about seven different kinds of painful.


Reddit | clash8920

Believe it or not, the bubbles in this person's eye are actually helping. A doctor injected a bit of gas to help repair some tears in the retina.

That's a bold strategy.

Reddit | krultepez1

You'd have to be pretty confident in your knowledge of mushrooms to straight up take a bite out of one attached to a tree like this.

One person's trash is another person's arts and crafts supplies.

Reddit | MidgetTerryCrews

Somebody sure has an appetite for crab and mischief. Maybe they just had to get this nightmare out of their system.

That's going to be awkward to slice into.

Reddit | ni_hao_wo_jiao_meili

I've never been to a baby shower, so I can't say for sure, but I thought they were supposed to be fun, not overly realistic. This seems like a strange cake to celebrate with.

That's a lot of legs.

Reddit | Trex2727

And whoever's house they're in, well, I think these spiders own it now, by right of numbers.

Did people eat this, for real?

Reddit | xX_hazeydayz_Xx

Because this is the sort of thing that gets made to settle a bet. I don't even want to imagine how it would taste.

Is that legal?

Reddit | PBR21

This car is nothing special, but in an effort to stand out, the owner has done something a little bit unique with the exhaust. I hate it.

Dualshock indeed.

Reddit | usernot_found

I don't know exactly what's underneath that joystick, and I really wouldn't want to find out the hard way. Yikes.

We all float up here...

Reddit | antiquebanana

"My girlfriend sent me this from her doctors appointment," wrote the original poster.

Tell us which pics unnerved you most in the comments section!

It doesn't grow on you.

Reddit | hayate_ichirou

I'm all for creativity in gardening, but there are limits, you know? And an upside down mannequin head as a planter is just creepy enough to do it.

All the rage.

Reddit | screwywabbit

I mean, yeah, keeping beehives at home is a growing hobby, but this isn't what anybody had in mind.

Well, that explains it.

Reddit | Octoberisthe

"GF said her tub was draining slowly," the uploader wrote. As the clog clearer in my home, I seriously hope it never comes to this.

Legs for days.

Reddit | samsamsamsamsam97

I'm sure there could be a few totally innocent reasons someone in a cowboy hat would be unloading a van full of mannequin legs at the dump. Maybe a blue jean store went out of business? Still kind of unsettling though.

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