13+ People Who Need To Get A Hobby

It's understandable if you're getting a bit stir-crazy during this period of self-isolation. We all are. If it wasn't obvious before, I think it's clear now: we all need new hobbies. When do we need them? Yesterday.

Some hobbies aren't for everyone.

Reddit | quanchompy

Cooking and baking are good skills to have, especially if you're staying at home. In this case, I'd say, "If at first you don't succeed, give up forever."

Social distancing through blinding.

Reddit | catfishman

This welder's disco ball-themed helmet should be bright enough to literally burn out the retinas of anyone who gets too close to the workshop.


Reddit | CiD7707

I'm not sure if I'd want to paint a scene on a couch, even if the couch was ugly to begin with. But given current events, I can't think of a more relevant meme to capture.

Let nature take its course.

Reddit | thersheyred

When a group of people with a similar mindset come together, great things can happen. On the other side of the coin, really dumb things can happen too.

Tune in at 6 for more.

Reddit | 13O1313YDeE

It must have been a pretty slow news day for this local station to breathlessly recap what was being served in the middle school cafeteria.


Reddit | viplavsalokhe

The whole point of mixed snacks like this is to have a varied handful of treats to munch on at all times, but I suppose sorting games help pass the time.

CSI: Goldfish.

Reddit | Cajermo

I think everyone's played around with snacks like Goldfish and Teddy Grahams before. This takes things to another level entirely.

Simple but effective.

Reddit | ZestyCriminal

I think it's technically illegal to modify legal tender so it reads 'FART', but I'm definitely not going to report this guy.

You're next.

Reddit | MegaUltraFatNut

If you're stressed out about the coronavirus, just be thankful that you're a human, not an egg that's about to be cracked.

Thanks, boss.

Reddit | havik09

This construction worker came back from lunch to find that their boss had played a hilarious prank on them. At least the boss presumably found it funny.

The toilet has become self-aware.

Reddit | mlemTaco

If you're one of the lucky few people who still has toilet paper, you can also create horrifying toilet monsters to unnerve your significant other.

Practice makes perfect.

Reddit | glennert

Hopscotch is alright, I guess, but I only really want to take a few hops before I'm finished. With the kids out of school, they're wearing grooves into the hopscotch grid.

Shelter in place.

Reddit | LessO2

I'm not sure if this is an effort to sanitize the vehicle, or if it was done to prevent it from making unnecessary trips. Either way, it's an impressively thorough job.

Even the switches are bored.

Reddit | AnOkayFioraMain

This is pretty much how I look after I've done all the Netflixing I want to do, I'm out of new books and there's nowhere to go.

Public address.

Reddit | Luxray102

Normally I wouldn't take orders from a scuba diver on a balcony with a megaphone, but then again, we do live in strange times.

Thrilled, I'm sure.

Reddit | TheLastGinger420

I haven't quite reached this level of boredom yet, but I do have two cats. It's going to happen sooner rather than later.

It's-a me.

Reddit | copyrightcbo

It's hard to know what we did before spreadsheets became a thing. I guess we would have had to draw Mario the old-fashioned way, for starters.

Any bites?

Reddit | whitepeanut69

The longer the quarantine goes on and the more those fish are going to look like a good source of protein.

Mind = blown.

Reddit | thirdMew

As a filthy Windows and Android user, I don't know much about the Apple ecosystem. But if rickrolling people with random pics is part of it, I'm intrigued.

Your go.

Reddit | mrs_j2018

Being stuck at home would ordinarily be a great time to bust out the board games...except for the fact that there's no one around to play against.

Anything is possible.


Mountaineer George Mallory famously said he climbed Mount Everest "because it was there". I'm guessing the justification for this would have been something similar.

The gang's all here.

Reddit | markeightyfive

If you have a little bit of Photoshop know-how, you can also create pics that make it look like you're partying with a bunch of clones of yourself.

'allo guv'nah.

Reddit | fuzzybluetriceratops

Yes, if you've reached a certain level of boredom, you can plug your pet's photo into dumb things like this. I wonder if my cats are British or not.

Class was ruff today.

Reddit | kmascasa

Many parents find themselves in the unenviable position of having to find activities for their stir-crazy kids. If they have a particularly smart dog, the going is a bit easier.

Come, my pretties.

Reddit | nikitaaar

This guy's origami skills have set him up to re-enact a weird old tale about a predatory flautist who lures children into a cave to murder them. Well done.

I want to play.

Reddit | Abhijak

This looks like one of the more exciting self-isolation games I've seen (although the scale is very relative). With no sports on the TV, I'd probably watch this.

Keeping his mind busy.

Reddit | meb136369

"Went to the bank today to cash a check, needless to say my boyfriend got bored," wrote this guy's girlfriend, adding, "He’s a keeper."

It's a mirage.

Reddit | BeerNutzo

If you can't see the beckoning, comforting, soothing visage of a package of Charmin in any stores, at least you can get a glimpse in this farmer's field.

I concur.

Reddit | Twin350

Sometimes, the situation gets frustrating enough that you just have to call it out. I don't think anyone's going to disagree with this sentiment.

Trends are changing.

Reddit | IamOldKingDoran

This guy, reasonably enough, tried to use facts and logic to explain to his cat why it was getting so many extra snuggles recently.