10+ Tweets About Netflix's 'Tiger King' That Are Very Relatable

If you haven't been watching the Tiger King on Netflix, what are you waiting for?!?!?!

It's like watching something that has all TLC shows combined into one. In other words, it's crazy, unpredictable, and soo addictive.

Here are 10+ tweets about the Tiger King that are very relatable.

This is where it all starts.

No one knew what they were in for when they pressed play on the crime documentary.

But did they keep watching? Heck, yes.

You simply weren't prepared for all the twists and turns.

Um, no duh!

Things are crazy from the very first episode. You keep telling yourself that things can't possibly get crazier, but does that happen? NOPE.

That's just how they roll in the south.

"To draw attention away from his toothless smile," a fan replied to this tweet.

Makes sense.

Dibs on the tiger costume!

Pop culture has a huge impact on Halloween — just take a look at these celeb costumes from last year.

So, of course, we can already imagine all the Tiger King group costumes to come.

Fantasy *Tiger King* League.

The show's only been out for a few days, but people are already lining up which celebrities they want to play the different personalities.

Since Danny McBride screams "'murica," he's a top contender to play Joe.

Fans have other celebs in mind, too.

Fans may want Melissa McCarthy as Carole, but that's not going to happen quite yet as SNL's Kate Mckinnon is set to play the tiger lady in an adaptation of the Wondery podcast Joe Exotic.

You haven't lived until you've heard Joe sing "I saw a tiger."

It's actually a bop!

You can hear a bit of auto-tune, but for the most part, people were shocked that Joe's real voice is actually pretty good.

This was 100 percent necessary.

This scene was everything and don't even try to tell us otherwise.

Zoom calls are about to get *real* interesting.

This quarantine business from the coronavirus is tough.

In addition to having our five-year-old sister do our nails since the salons are closed, we've resorted to cutting our own hair.

Time to go home, kids.

Yeah, we'll take a raincheck on seeing the tigers today...

Thank God he was wearing shorts.

We do all our Zoom calls from the bathtub, so how is this not okay?

The plot ~thickens~.

There's been A LOT of conspiracy theories that Carole fed her first husband to a tiger.

So when she said this, it sent people's conspiracy theory senses tingling.


Right now, Joe is serving 22 years in prison for plotting to kill Carole and for committing various wildlife violations.

That's a fact. But when it comes to who was exploiting big cats, the finger just keeps getting pointed.

Here Kitty Kitty.

Since Joe is adamant that Carole killed her first husband, he created this very unique (is unique the right word?) music video.

We doubt the song is at the top of Carole's Spotify list...

Check on your guy friends, please.

Miley Cyrus might be bringing the mullet back, but for the love of all that's good and sane, let's not let the men in our lives re-enter society looking like this.

Bet you never thought you'd see "Exotic" and "Governor" in the same sentence.

Joe may not have won, but the fact that he got even this close is pretty shocking.

Maybe it was the Christmas lights around his neck that did it?

*eats popcorn*

With each episode ending with a massive cliffhanger, you know you're in for a wild ride as soon as you hit play again.

Thank you, Netflix.

Who needs therapy when you've got these cool cats and kittens to get you through this difficult time??

(Although after watching the whole show, you might need therapy anyway).

Wait, what?

This moment shall live on in history.

This was the moment that the documentary crew realized they had struck gold with these crazy subjects.

Joe's dressed for every occasion.

What? Are you surprised?

Did you not see his priest outfit at the funeral??

Where's the lie?

Thanks to the popularity of Tiger King, cops reportedly want to reopen the case to help solve it.

Is there any way that I could help?

Is it bad that the pizza looked good, though?

You're going to have to rewatch this scene just to experience how gross it really is.

I mean, they could be brothers.

It's since been discovered that it wasn't Joe's voice on his songs.

Maybe it really was Tim McGraw?? (It wasn't, but you can spread a pretty cool rumor).

The craziness just doesn't end.

You question why you're still watching and yet, you just can't stop.

Because that is what Netflix does to us, people.

Even celebrities have gotten involved.

If you haven't thought about photoshopping your child's face onto Joe Exotic's, are you even watching the show?!

This is like the detective who had the monkey butler figurine in his living room.

Maybe it's his lucky tie?

In other words, he's a damn professional.

Like Kim Kardashian, you have to tell your friends all about it.

This is the conversation you have with everyone you see.

Or even if it's just with your pet that is stuck with you for the next few weeks.


Be careful what you search for with the Tiger King cast.

If they were willing to show us what they did on TV, can you imagine what they're not showing us??

#JusticeForJoe, courtesy of Cardi B.

A lot of people think that Joe was framed, including Cardi B.

She even wants to start a GoFundMe for him!

It's a love/hate relationship.

If they breathe next to you one more time...

But seriously, this will definitely test your friendship. Good luck to you all.

Jared Leto was prepared.

We've found a new contender to play Joe if the series goes Hollywood.

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We'll never be the same after the show.

No. Regrets.

Okay, maybe we have some regrets. But at least it was an adventure! No one can take that away from you.