Courteney Cox Fails 'Friends' Trivia In Hilarious Game: 'I Don't Remember Being On The Show'

Friends fans, prepare yourself.

Courteney Cox aka Monica Geller just made some bold claims about herself!

First, she admitted that she doesn't remember being on friends (I KNOW!) and then she said that she fails every Friends trivia game.

She then proved herself right with this hilarious fail on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

If you thought Courteney Cox would nail 'Friends' trivia, think again.

The actress who played Monica Geller on the hit '90s sitcom recently proved this while on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

Well, she was on Jimmy's at-home mini monologue since the late-night TV show is currently suspended due to the coronavirus.

YouTube | Jimmy Kimmmel Live

Jimmy even began his video interview with Court by asking how she's doing with isolating at home.

"You know what's weird, the weekends aren't so bad since I love to stay home, but during the week, I get so angry and anxious," she said.

YouTube | Jimmy Kimmmel Live

If there's anything that's kept her sane, it's definitely the musical videos she's been making with her 15-year-old daughter, Coco.

If you haven't seen them yet, you really need to! Coco sings vocals while Court rocks it on piano.

They've covered two major songs so far: "I Love Me" by Demi Lovato and "Burn" from the Hamilton musical.

Courteney even got to gush about her daughter's incredible singing voice to Jimmy.

"Doesn't she sing well?" she said. "She's so sick of me going, 'Coco, I have no content, can you sing for me again?'"

And then, the interview got to the good stuff: a Monica Gellar trivia contest.

But first, the star admitted something shocking:

"I don't remember even being on the show."

Say whaaaaat?

"I have such a bad memory," she added.

YouTube | Jimmy Kimmmel Live

She remembers loving the people, but she doesn't remember certain episodes.

"I fail every [Friends] test."

She's good at quizzing other people, though, since she tested singer Charlie Puth's knowledge about the show for Billboard’s “Quizzed” series in 2019.

Puth ended up doing so well that Courteney even awarded him the Geller Cup.

Fans of the show know that this is the touch football trophy that her character and Ross (David Schwimmer) fought over in a Season 3 episode.

For Courteney's trivia match, she got to go head-to-head against Kimmel's cousin/'Friends' fanatic, Anthony.

YouTube | Jimmy Kimmmel Live

To make things easier for Court, Jimmy made all the questions "Monica-based."

"That doesn't help," she joked. "This is so embarrassing," she added.

The first question was one that Courteney actually knew! But, unfortunately, she was too slow to answer.

It was: "What are the first names of Ross and Monica's parents?"

For the second question, get this: Courteney didn't know who Monica's first kiss was!

YouTube | Jimmy Kimmmel Live

Oh, the shame!

"Ross was my first kiss?" she asked, dumbfounded. "What episode was that?"

The game soon ended with Cox not earning a single point.

YouTube | Jimmy Kimmmel Live

Since Anthony, on the other hand, did so well, he got to have a virtual kiss with the star!

He can definitely die happy now.

Courteney may have failed the game, but she will have a chance to get reacquainted with her 'Friends' character again.

Earlier this year, it was announced that a Friends reunion special would be coming to HBO!

Sadly, though, that's currently been postponed due to the virus.

"We were supposed to film it Monday and Tuesday of this week," she told Kimmel.

Instagram | @courteneycoxofficial

In the meantime, the star has been acting like the rest of us by binging Friends to help curb bordom during the quarantine.

"I'm on Season One. It's really good," she said.

Well, duh!

To catch Monica's interview with Jimmy, catch the clip here!