Clever Bookcase Contains An Entire Table And Chair Set

Furniture design is at its absolute coolest when it can transform, let's be real. So you can imagine how frickin' cool this bookcase has to be to be able to transform into a table and chairs!

Let's see what it looks like, shall we?

Here's the bookcase as-is.

Orla Reynolds

It has a super cool, minimalist design that would fit in perfectly in a kid's play area. The color blocked shelves cleverly indicate where the chairs and tables are hidden!

First, the chairs.

Orla Reynolds

The great thing about this bookcase is how good it looks with or without its chairs and tables in it! You can already see that it looks really cool with the chair removed; the shelves look like they're floating!

Next up: the tables.

Orla Reynolds

The tables are helpfully coded the same color to allow for easy assembly once they're out. Both of them snap together to create a bigger, more functional table! I kind of want a purple table now, y'all.


Orla Reynolds

The whole thing removed and assembled! This would be ideal for kids, especially in small spaces where floor real estate is at a premium.

Okay, it would also be great for adults. You can have a dining table and floor space! You can have it all!