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Ryan Reynolds Will Be Donating 30% Of His Gin Sales To Out Of Work Bartenders

With so many businesses closed during the coronavirus crisis, more people than ever are temporarily out of work with no idea where their next rent payment, grocery money, or childcare costs will come from. It's inspiring to see people who are trying to help.

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Ryan Reynolds is one of those people trying to help.

While he initially poked a bit of fun at the idea of celebrities being the ones we count on, saying, "I think in times of crisis, we all know that it's the celebrities we count on most. They're the ones that are going to get us through this," in a Twitter video on the subject, he's now putting his money where his mouth is.

Ryan made a tweet announcing that 30% of his Aviation Gin sales would be going to out of work bartenders.

“Until May 1st, for every bottle of Aviation ordered online, we’ll donate 30% of proceeds as a tip to your bartenders – who REALLY miss you btw," he tweeted, alongside a link to the website.

"We're available at home - where we hope you are right now - but your bartenders miss you," reads a statement on the website.

"So we've started a tab by donating $15K to the United States Bartender's Guild and will be adding an additional 30% tip for every bottle delivered through May 1st."

Fans took to social media to express their gratitude.

What an awesome move from Ryan that is super appropriate for his business! There are so many people, like bartenders, that we don't realize are affected by this pandemic, and it's amazing to see celebrities take the first step in helping and raising awareness!