40 People That Stink Of Regret

"Why did I do that?" These words are ones we've all spoken at least once, and they're often followed by that sinking feeling of intense regret.

Well, these people definitely know that feeling, and you might feel it too just by looking at them!

1. "Let me see ya grill!" Everything seems like a good idea when you've been inhaling paint fumes!

Imgur | Maverick127

Everything seems like a good idea when you've been inhaling paint fumes. Trust me, that's not going to come off with toothpaste.

2. Now you can show your spirit for the next couple weeks.

Imgur | WhittySatllite42

That burn looks pretty painful, too. This is why you always wear sunscreen, kids.

3. Guess you should have picked a different spot...

eBaum's World | eBaum's World

Notice how the car behind has nothing on it? Yep, birds are jerks, deal with it!

4. I see you have a steaming turd on your back...

Uproxx | Uproxx

Apparently, this is what happens when you're dating a tattoo artist and you ask them to do an original piece of work on your back...

Annnd they happen to find out you've been cheating on them.

5. Oh...you didn't eat that rice, did you? 

Reddit | NulloK

I think it's supposed to say "herbs." Still, better safe than sorry!

6. The question is who will regret this?

Imgur | thund3rbolt

I suppose there's no reward without risk. But as far as I'm concerned, the risk isn't worth the reward!

7. Heads up! Or down...

Reddit | benman44

It is a great selfie. Unfortunately, the trade-off for getting that lighting just right was a fly ball to the head.

8. Is that cupcake taking a dump on your leg?

Reddit | jakobminihan

I'm sure there's a deeper meaning here, but it's shrouded in mystery. I'm just going to assume they're a huge fan of pooping and cupcakes...

9. Tragic, and I'm not just talking about the hangover.

Reddit | iske

Regardless of whatever terrible decisions you made last night, this negligence was by far the worst. YOU DON'T DESERVE PIZZA!

10. At least it's not bird poop...right?

Reddit | InquiringMind886

Give it a month or two to thaw out and you'll be able to drive it again. It's either that or get out the hairdryer...

11. RIP, Mr. Truck.

Reddit | [deleted]

I have so many questions. Most of them revolve around why someone felt the need to transport half a mountain carved into a ram's head.

12. Never let Mom get near your hair again...

Instagram | @blacktwitter1

This is why it pay to get a professional to tackle that hairline.

13. Oh dear...

Imgur | Herculaneum

Some things just don't translate well into body art. Just framing the picture and hanging it on the wall probably would have been the better idea.

14. What?

Imgur | Herculaneum

I don't know if this is a disturbing childhood memory or some weird allusion to the "Pied Piper." Either way, I hate it.

15. Hold my beer.

Reddit | SwirlStick

Those truck commercials featuring off-roading don't always translate into real life. Especially when you decide to drive over a small cliff...

16. Crap, crap, crap! 

Reddit | Theron7050

Passwords are probably the hardest things to remember. Half the time, the hints don't even help.

17. No, that's not ranch dipping sauce

Twitter | @natures_flavors

Anyone want some chicken nuggets with a side of melted plastic carcinogens? You may have ruined the oven along with the nuggets

18. Try slip 'n slide, they said...it'll be fun they said...

Reddit | darkviper039

Correct me if I'm wrong, but neither of them looks like they're having much fun. That being said, this picture basically sums up my childhood.

19. Well, that was stupid.


Another case of people trusting blindly in anything and everything they see on social media. Sometimes, it feels like the internet has replaced natural selection.

20. Bit off more than he could chew.

Reddit | MrKilroy5

This is a rather extreme example of what happens when your eyes are too big for your stomach. Gluttony kills!

21. I guess that's one way to turn regret into slightly less regret...

Reddit | SomeJagaloon

What happens when you finally remove a toxic person from your life only to have them remain on your body? You get creative!

22. Make sure you have all your valuables before the breakup.

Imgur | Imgur

Creating a fire with lighter fluid is not for the weak of heart. If she went to all that the trouble, she probably regrets the relationship more than he does!

23. Yeah...that's pretty bad.

Twitter | @smolgerbil

We all have that one haircut that we regret. The good news is those bangs come off easy!

24. Oh god...what is that?!

Izismile | Izismile

Is that a tattoo of a bone coming out of your arm? Is there some type of purple fluid coming out of that bone? So many questions...

25. This girl just realized that maybe she doesn't like "Sorry" that much 

Reddit | @mjbatt

And now it's too late. Not to say sorry, of course, but well, you get it...

26. I don't think that buffs out.

Reddit | Mrencinas

Maybe you can just, you know, glue it back on? These are the times taking auto-class would have been helpful

27. Seems like a good opportunity to give small children some irrational fears


28. That's not gonna sit well...

Twitter | @faithchoyce

I don't think the "salmonella" cleanse is something I'd recommend trying.

29. When you were only expecting one...

Reddit | xsited1

The "get two free deal" isn't as sweet when it comes to kids.

30. Time to go home

Reddit | AdamE89

We've all had those nights where we regret staying for that extra drink

31. Don't eat and do home improvements at the same time

Reddit | BigCballer

I hope that paint is lead-free, otherwise things are about to get a lot worse.

32. Oh shiiiiiiiii

Reddit | ukredditme

Looks like his surfing outing just turned into bungee jumping.

33. This is what happens when you take pictures of your food instead of eating it

Reddit | moixax

34. Uh-oh, group chat...

Twitter | @kingtomthethird

Talk about awkward! Hey, at least no inappropriate pictures were sent!

35. It looked like a real apple...

Reddit | nahilden

I bet you didn't expect to break a tooth on a piece of fruit

36. Not all friendships last, but tattoos do

Twitter | @goalslayings

It just goes to show, you can't always trust your friends.

37. "Man, I wasn't even supposed to be here today!"

Imgur | BenHurDur

I sincerely hope he works at a raspberry jam factory and not a fish-guts factory.

38. That's not going to be an easy fix

Reddit | Theriley106

But he looks comfortable enough hanging out there for now.

39. Together forever.

Instagram | @isawitandii

I don't judge these people, in fact, I completely understand. Fried chicken is love.

40. "Try white water rafting," they said, "It'll be fun," they said

Reddit | Iphoneswagger

Judging by the look on his face, I think he might have soiled the raft.

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