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On A Call With Ellen DeGeneres, Michelle Obama Gives Advice On Staying Positive During Quarantine

If you've been struggling in isolation amid the coronavirus pandemic, Ellen DeGeneres and Michelle Obama have you covered.

They just had a five-minute phone call on how to stay positive during this difficult time.

Last week, Ellen DeGeneres announced that she was suspending production on "The Ellen Show" due to the coronavirus.

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When she made the announcement, she shared a message of positivity to her fans.

“These are trying times, but just remember that we’re all in this together. Spread love, be kind, and just keep swimming,” DeGeneres captioned the video.

She's been doing her best to keep people positive during this whole thing.

“Hi everybody, I want to send a video about love and kindness and being gentle,” DeGeneres began.

“We’re all vulnerable and at risk and it doesn’t matter what your beliefs are, who you are, what colour your skin is, what religion you are,” she said.

“So that’s what I hope we get from this and that’s it. And that’s it, just sending love.”

Since going into isolation, she's been doing everything to keep herself — and us — entertained.

Over the past couple of days, she's cold-called a bunch of her celeb friends, starting with Adam Levigne.

She called him on Wednesday to wish the Maroon 5 singer a Happy Birthday.

Next up, she called celeb couple Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel.

Like Ellen, who was wearing sweatpants and laying on her couch the call, the couple wasn't up to very much.

"Call me in an hour," Justin said.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend had more time for the 62-year-old when she called them.

They even put their two kids, Luna and Miles, on the phone!

Such an adorable fam.

But no phone call was greater than the one Ellen had with Michelle Obama.

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It resulted in a five-minute conversation about how to stay positive during the quarantine.

But first, the call began in such an elegant way. The hold music for the Former First Lady's call was some string violins.

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When Michelle answered, Ellen said, "Hey, you!" and asked how the former First Family is keeping busy during this crazy time.

"We're just trying to structure our days. Everybody's home, the girls are back because colleges are now online. They're off in their respective rooms doing their online classes," Michelle said.

"I think Barack is — I don't know where he is. He was on the phone on a conference call…."

When Ellen commented on how the family is busy, Michelle said the greatest thing ever:

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"We're just trying to keep a routine going, but we've also got a little Netflix and chillin' happening."

After Ellen, Michelle, and Ellen's wife, Portia, chatted for a while, the conversation took a turn.

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They began talking about how this is an "interesting" time in history.

"This is like no other time in history, particularly for our kids who are so used to being occupied and stimulated all the time," said Michelle.

"And now we're — there's some good and bad that goes with it."

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She continued:

"I feel for all the folks…who are going to suffer because of what's going to happen to the economy and we have to be mindful about what we're going to do to support those folks when this quarantine is over and people are looking at what's left of their businesses and their lives and that is a negative."

Michelle also shared how she and her family are staying positive during isolation.

"On the positive side, I know for us, it's forced us to continue to sit down with each other, have real conversations, really ask questions and figure out how to keep ourselves occupied without just TV or computers," she said.

"It's a good exercise in reminding us that we just don't need a lot of the stuff that we have. When times are bad, having each other, having your health."

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"We can do with a lot less and I think that's an important lesson that I want my kids to understand…be grateful for what you have and be ready to share it…Now we're just happy that we're together. That everybody is healthy and safe. Who cares about the other stuff?"

There was so much goodness from the call. In addition to the ladies challenging each other to a plank contest, Michelle left this sweet comment on the post Ellen made.

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Fans and celebs alike loved the call between the two.

"This video calmed me down," wrote one fan. The Office alum, Ellie Kemper, commented 11 hearts.

We soooo love their friendship and this call was a ray of sunshine during this difficult storm <3

To watch the full video, you can check it out for yourself here!