11+ Amazon Products That Have Over 1,000 Five-Star Reviews

Who's ready to go online shopping?

Amazon is a treasure trove of amazing things you didn't know you needed. So, what are the things people love the most? What are they buying that you might not have? Let's find out.

A portable washing machine.


Apartment dwellers know that a washer and dryer are luxuries in today's world. The solution: the Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine.

Reviewers absolutely love it. The biggest tip they shared is that the dryer may not get your clothes 100% dry — more like 90%. It's available for $145.

An indoor camera.


The Wyze Panoramic Indoor Camera is a big hit on Amazon. Many reviewers compare it to the popular Nest camera, writing that Wyze's is leaps and bounds ahead of it.

It has 1080p resolution for $30... so, that's a big steal.

A festival mask!


This mask may not be medical grade, but it sure is helpful for outdoor events! Let's be real, this is a Coachella mask, and it's fire.

This is the iHeartRaves Seamless Bandana, and it retails for $12.95.

Microfiber Bed Sheets are a must.


The Mellanni Bed Sheet Set comes in 44 different colors, so odds are you'll find a shade that's right for you. Reviewers love how soft and cozy these sheets are. And at $27, you can't pass up that deal.

Velveeta Cheese and Pasta Cups.


Um... yeah, I don't know why, either. But 1,275 people love these Velveeta Microwave Cheese and Pasta Cups so much that they took time out of their day to review them.

I mean... Kraft Dinner is clearly the superior choice, but okay.

Scented Candles are always a good choice.


Reviewers seem to love these Chesapeake Bay Scented Candles — the Lemongrass Eucalyptus ones in particular. Hey, 6,000+ people can't be wrong, can they?

You can pick up a 2-pack for $20, or a single for $11.99.

This cute can opener.


It's impossible to pass up a pastel kitchen tool. Or is that just me?

This KitchenAid Can Opener comes in 6 colors, including Aqua Sky and Pistachio. For $11, you can begin your amazing pastel kitchen tool collection!



I know. Weird, right? But Jenga is actually a genius best-seller — it's simple, anyone can play, and it can be turned into loads of other games. Ever played a drinking game with Jenga?

Eco-Friendly Resuable cloths are as useful as they are cute.


These sponge cloths are made of cellulose! They're washable and reusable, so you'll be saving the planet as you clean your house. Who else can say that?

Get a 10-pack for $20!

This desk.


Seriously, people love the Furinno A-Frame Desk. It's easy to see why: it's cute, stylish, compact, and... oh, it only costs $40. Seriously, that's a steal of a deal! The only criticism reviewers gave was that the instructions weren't too clear on how to put it together.

An Aerogarden!


How cool is this? The AeroGarden Black Harvest is an easy, at-home way to grow your favorite plants indoors. It even has a system to remind you to water them!

It retails for $99 and comes in black, white, and mint.

LED strip lights are all the rage.


I totally want some of these for behind my TV! LED strip lights just look cool, you know? These DAYBETTER LED Strip Lights come with 300 lights and can change color with an included remote!

Kinetic sand is SO COOL.


Listen, this may be listed in the kids' area, but Kinetic Sand is fun for all ages. Pick some up for $12.99 on Amazon and prepare to have a good time.

An ice machine!


I want one of these. My mom just bought this exact model and has revelled in showing me how much ice she has. My jealousy knows no bounds.

Make me jealous for $128 on Amazon.

Literally a pet rock.


No, really. It's a pet rock, and it actually looks so fun. You can choose from a fox, turtle, owl, or frog. Decorate your heart out with the included paint kit!

Grab it for $12.

The classic ring light.


This is a staple of YouTubers, influencers, and photography enthusiasts everywhere. A classic ring light will totally change your picture or video game. You can get this whole pack for $43, which is kind of a crazy good deal.

Microfiber cleaning cloths are game-changers.


My house is stacked with these, and for good reason — they're incredible. Gone are the days of wasting paper towels on every small clean-up job, and gone are all those disposable cloth wipes!

Get a pack of 24 for $12.

The best moisturizing cream you'll ever use.


I'm not going to pretend I'm not a CeraVe stan. Their moisturizers are lightweight and incredibly effective for combination skin.

If your skin is a little more sensitive, their baby version is amazing!

Get this one for $17.

Refillable glass bottles are a great way to help save the planet.


Many people prefer to make their own cleaning solutions. With these amber glass bottles, you can not only use them with ease, but use the included labels to identify which solution you have!

These run for $20 for 2.

You can't go wrong with a wireless charger.


I use mine every single day! This black Anker charger is a huge hit on Amazon — for $9, you can say goodbye to charging cables. That's more than worth it.

A tie-dye kit!


Tie-dye is totally back right now, so why not try it out for yourself? Tulip's One-Step Tie-Dye Kit has rave reviews. Some indicate you may need two kits if you're throwing a tie-dye party!

Kiss peach fuzz goodbye.


Schick's Dermaplaning Tool is a razor for your face, and is amazing at removing any unwanted peach fuzz. Reviewers absolutely love how simple it is to use, but warn that it is very sharp. Watch out! These are available for $4.99.

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