10+ Times Fans Think Movies Predicted The Future

We look to movies and TV to entertain, nothing more.

We don't expect them to say anything too profound (unless you're into that kind of thing), let alone predict the future.

But then again, there are times when movies are so good at what they do they end up predicting the future.

Or at least, that's what fans think.

Interactive A.I., space tourism

Warner Bros.

Movie: 2001: A Space Odyssey

Stanley Kubrick was no doubt a genius.

He possibly faked the moon landing, but at the very least fans believe he predicted space tourism and interactive computers in 2001: A Space Odyssey.


Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

Movie: Super Mario Bros

It's hard to think of the Super Mario Bros movie as good in any way, but fans do think they predicted 9/11.

The twin towers are damaged in one frame, then disappear in the next.

Automated drivers

TriStar Pictures

Movie: Total Recall

This movie thought that the future would be automated drivers, but fans pointed out that they weren't that far off.

The future is slowly bringing about cars that can drive themselves.

Instagram stories, social media obsession

Movie: The Truman Show

Fans on Twitter pointed out that watching this movie feels a lot like watching someone's Instagram stories.

Pretty freaky if you ask me.


Movie: Star Wars: A New Hope

Sure, a lot of movies have done holograms before Star Wars.

But holograms that were projected by machines were things that actually came true. Fans are sure Star Wars predicted it.

Remember hologram Tupac?

Virtual reality

Movie: The Lawnmower Man

It may have been a ridiculous movie, but fans are certain that the movie is what made people so interested in virtual reality.

Could this be where manufactures got their ideas from?

Smart phones, integration of all art, streaming

Columbia Pictures

Movie: The Cable Guy

Jim Carrey's line from the movie goes as:

“Soon, every American home will integrate their television, phone, and computer. You’ll be able to visit the Louvre on one channel or watch female wrestling on another. There’s no end to the possibilities!”

Fans find that to be pretty freaky.

Smart watches

Movie: Dick Tracy

This may have been a staple of spy movies before Dick Tracy, but it's the oldest example we could find.

Fans can't get over the fact that such an old movie was able to foresee this!

Active camouflage


Movie: Die Another Day

When Die Another Day came out, it seemed like fiction.

But these days, Twitter pointed out that the military is actually trying to use "active camouflage" on their tanks.

Over the top reality TV

Movie: The Running Man

Fans are very convinced that this movie predicted or at the very least, inspired, over the top reality TV shows that can even become dangerous.

Survivor, anyone?

Transparent aluminum

Paramount Pictures

Movie: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

Oh yes, they use transparent aluminum in the fourth Star Trek movie, and guess what a group of scientists invented in 2009?

A whole 23 years later?

Fans can't get over this, as they believe ST predicted it.

AI chips

Movie: The Terminator

Back in 1991, when The Terminator took over our lives, they talked about a Neural Net processor.

Fans on Twitter believe the movie predicted AI chips.

Internet identity theft

Columbia Pictures

Movie: The Net

Way before the internet was really a thing (1995), the movie The Net showed us what a stranger on the internet can do to you.

Fans find it totally creepy.

Erasing memories

Focus Features

Movie: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Turns out, the people at the University of Toronto are working on a way to help soldiers with PTSD. How? By erasing their memories.