31 Sad Movie Moments No One Saw Coming

There are times when you'll be watching a movie, minding your own business, when suddenly blam! You're slapped in the face with a random sad moment.

You had no idea it was coming, they just decided to throw it in there to try and tug at your heartstrings.

And tug it did.

TW: This article contains depictions or discussions of sensitive topics and may be triggering to some readers.

When Karen realizes her husband is cheating on her

Universal Pictures

It was a moment of sadness in Love Actually, but also some great mothering by Karen.

After figuring out her husband is emotionally cheating on her, she breaks down for a moment but quickly composes herself for her children.

Maggie breaks her neck

Warner Bros.

A sucker punch ended the career of this prolific boxer in Million Dollar Baby.

After getting punched, she hits her neck on the stool, and the next thing you know she's on a ventilator.

The opening of 'Up'


You've got miscarriages right after painting the nursery, you've got a couple unable to go on their dream vacation, and, of course, you have a death.

That's some sweet, sweet sadness, baby. Pile it on!

Yondu's death in 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2'


A lot of people didn't really get that whole father and son dynamic between Yondu and Peter until this very moment.

Admit it, you cried your eyes out watching this scene.

Mufasa dies

The Lion King will go down in history for tons of reasons, this being one of them.

It set the bar for emotional trauma in future Disney movies. And yes, we are still bitter about it.

Peter Parker's dusting

Avengers: Infinity War was probably one of the most depressing movies ever, and definitely the most depressing one that Marvel ever did.

While all the deaths were sad, Parker's last moments with Tony were definitely the worst.

Tony and Peter's final scene


The only death to top the dusting in Infinity War is in Avengers: Endgame, where Peter has to say goodbye to Tony again.

But this time, it's for real. He watches his father figure and mentor die in front of him.

Rosie's miscarriage


It's always terrible when someone has a miscarriage, and you often don't see it in movies.

So when we saw it in What to Expect When You're Expecting it was surprising, sad, and above all, heartbreaking.

Lee Abbott tells his daughter he loves her in 'A Quiet Place'

For most of the movie, Lee and his daughter are at odds in their relationship.

His final moment is spent sacrificing himself for his children, and he tells his daughter that he loves her.

Tom Blake dies

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1917 is one of the best movies ever, and this moment definitely raises the bar for other films.

After Tom Blake does the right thing and pulls a German from a burning plane, he gets stabbed by that German.

Jackson's death in 'A Star is Born'

Warner Bros.

After Ally's manager goes ahead and convinces Jackson that he is holding her back, he becomes very depressed.

After that, he takes his own life.

Jojo discovers his mom

Jojo Rabbit is a film that has you laughing one second, and then crying the next.

That was the case when Jojo found his mother dead.

We're still crying over here.

Leslie dies

Bridge to Terabithia is a fantastic movie for children, despite the fact that it has a huge death.

But there are a lot of important lessons in there about imagination and friendship.

The furnace scene in 'Toy Story 3'


You know, if this had been the moment where all the toys died, it would have been a lot worse.

But it was still pretty traumatizing, and we're still recovering from it.

Bing Bong dying in 'Inside Out'

In a movie that literally made us come to terms with all of our inner feelings, we had to deal with our sadness as the friendly and caring Bing Bong passes away.

When Tod is abandoned in the woods

We all want a pet fox.

But The Fox and The Hound made us realize what can happen when a fox can't live in your house any longer.

Apparently, you have to abandon it in the forest.

ET goes home

ET the Extra-Terrestrial is a pretty funny movie.

Up until the part where the little guy has to leave his friends to go home. This movie still makes us cry!

Allie's meltdown in 'The Notebook'

For a brief moment, we get to watch them enjoying a dance with one another.

But then, their happiness is ripped away from them as she forgets who he is, and the nurses have to sedate her.

Andy gives away his toys

Did anyone else feel super depressed and angry when Andy did this in Toy Story 3?

Or am I the only one still harboring an enormous amount of annoyance and still crying over it?

'Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again', when Donna's spirit appeared

Universal Pictures

She appeared to Sophie at Donny’s christening, to let Sophie know that she would always be with her.

Jeez, cue the tears!

Chuck Noland loses Wilson

As youngsters, maybe we laughed at the start of the Castaway, when Chuck forms a bond with Wilson, his volleyball.

But once he lost it, we definitely stopped laughing and started to cry.

Jack's death in 'Brokeback Mountain'

For everyone who didn't read the short story, we had no idea that we would have to endure Jack dying.

This movie deserved every award it got, tbh.

The speech in '10 Things I Hate About You'

Okay, so this movie is a comedy, we know.

But admit it! We all cried when Kat was reading her poem in front of the class. She was declaring her love in front of all those students!

Katey leaving Javier in 'Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights'

Lions Gate Films

We all love a good romantic story with a happy ending, but unfortunately, we couldn't get the traditional happy ending for this couple.

They had one last dance together before Katey had to leave Cuba and go back to America.

'I Am Legend' having the most traumatizing death of all time

Not only did we have to watch a dog die, but we had to watch the owner kill his own best friend.

Talk about destroying our lives.

The last match

In Field of Dreams, Ray Kinsella plays one final game of baseball with his father, who appears to him in his younger form.

It was to make up for the lost time.

Steve Trevor's death

I'm pretty sure most of us who were watching Wonder Woman thought that she would find a way to save Trevor.

But apparently, that was not the case. Luckily, we found out through the Wonder Woman 2 trailer that he survived the explosion somehow!

Charles Xavier dies

In X-Men: The Last Stand, no one expected that many deaths to happen, least of all Charles Xavier.

Watching the whole team come to terms with that was super depressing to watch.

Charles Xavier dies AGAIN

So not only did we have to watch him come to terms with the fact that he killed his X-Men in Logan, but then we had to watch him die.

For the second time.

When Miguel sang "Remember Me" to Coco


Coco is all about family.

And that theme came out best during this scene when Coco began to sing along and remembered her father.

When Logan died


I think it's safe to say that comic book fans had a feeling this was coming.

But to those who just went in there to watch Wolverine kick some butt, they were caught off guard.