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32 Kids So Funny You'll Spit Out Your Drink 32 Times

I'm the worst parent you could ever imagine. When I say, "Good night" to my three-year-old daughter and she replies with, "Night, BUM POO," I just laugh really hard instead of telling her it isn't polite to call Mommy "bum poo."

I can't help but find my kids funny. You may scoff, but I don't know many parents and teachers who haven't had to stifle laughter when it comes to kids. Sometimes they mean to be funny, sometimes they don't. One thing is for sure, though — it's all comedy gold.

He's always cast as the narrator in school plays.

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I don't know where this image came from, but I love it and kudos to whoever came up with it.

"My niece after trying a s'more for the first time."

Imgur | jacobladinmoore

And now she's going to want s'mores all day, every day until she discovers the next amazing treat. Hopefully, that one won't require an open flame.

When those chicken fingers are taking way too long to come out.

Ruin My Week

I feel you, kid. Waiting for your food to be brought out can feel like forever, and the restaurant pictured didn't even provide crayons!

I love artisanal babies!

Smile per Day

Um, can I get the source for that grocery bag? Because that's some serious quality if it can carry a child.

Trust me, kid. Not that doll.

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I'm not sure I'd look at that particular picture of Chucky and think "dolly". He's in full, scarred face crazy mode.

Um, duh!

Ruin My Week

Normally, I'd question the sword's place in a Batman costume, but now Batman Ninja is a thing that exists, so I'll allow it.

Team work.

Smile per Day

This is pretty smart. Hopefully, they swapped places so that both could get a drink.

The master.

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I mean, they aren't wrong. At least give them a half-mark for thinking outside the box.

Even worse that he's afraid of spiders.

Reddit | SeriesOfAdjectives

I really hope the kids used washable Crayola markers and not Sharpie on that poor pooch.

Guilty by association.

Reddit | Nhsunray

That kid is learning some strangely specific life lessons from Legoland.

It's your move, Mom.

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If my kid looked at me like that, I'd be quick to show them how shoes make the Lego painless. And then I'd make him clean up the mess.

At least he found a smart storage solution.


It's at about this point when I'd start quietly adding breathing holes to all the plastic bins — you know, just in case.

Hopefully, he wasn't a method actor.

Reddit | Granjaguar

Now, that's just sad. Couldn't there have been more than one tree instead?

Though maybe the kid was happy to nap through the whole play.


Reddit | azsheepdog

This doesn't ruin the photo. This makes it ten times better. The family will be laughing at them for the rest of their lives.

Oh, look! Tea-rantulas.

Ruin My Week

I think I just heard you groan at that pun. At least those of you not screaming at the pic.

About right.

Reddit | LimpBagel

This is why I just roll my eyes at those parents who insist that they have to spend a ton of money on "only the best" for their kids. Sometimes, the best is just a rock or a cardboard box.

I think teachers do this for the lols.

Reddit | swansandelephants

There's no way you're going to get a real recipe from a kid, but you will get a chuckle.

How else do you cook a turkey?

Reddit | PrizeMud2

Frankly, I'd probably choose Jack's sour patch turkey over another overcooked, cardboard bird.

Yep, totally believable.

Reddit | The_2_Crows

To be fair, there is one paw print mixed in with the human prints.

It's the thought that counts.

Reddit | angstromlevy

Most people would pause at the age, but I'm very drawn to "He works at work today." I feel you, Scott. I really do.

His art is going through its conceptual stage.

Reddit | meme_god_official

The poop emoji is feeling very glam as its fart literally blows people away.

Oh, the days before their mind discovers the gutter.

Reddit | rhee1010

They are so pure and innocent and really don't understand why their teacher was giggling so much about the reasons they love 'sausige'.

Story checks out.

Reddit | southwoodhunter

Enjoy it while it lasts, because kids learn how to lie really well around the same time they start doing things you really don't want them to lie about.

"My mom gave my daughter two $1 bills. She took it upstairs and 'made more money'."

Reddit | buckbeaksarmy

Man, do I ever wish this was how it actually worked.

Well, they aren't wrong...

Reddit | xXAllhailmegatronXx

And knowing kids, they probably meant toy ball and not parts of anatomy. Because they are so very innocent.

Again, technically not wrong.

Reddit | WeaponizedInk

Am I forgetting another subject that teaches one-point perspective, or is this literally a written test for an art class?

Well played, kids.

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They're more creative than I am. I've begun just referring to every fish in my aquarium as "Mr. Fish".

Ah yes, the classic sperm whale.

Reddit | GayAGayMusical

I'm not sure if adding the missing fins would help this or make it worse.

Bless his heart.

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While this is super cute, it's probably a sign to have the "stranger" talk so that he doesn't just take anyone's hand.

True poetry.

Reddit | SootHouseTheory

I feel like Ted was at that weird transition stage where puberty hormones are beginning to do their work, but cooties are still a thing.

She'll never live this down.

Reddit | Master1718

As an adult, people will be like "I hear you got to meet the President when you were a kid? That's so cool!"

To which she will just sigh and ask for another glass of wine.

Halloween on the brain?

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Well, most of the time kids in stock photography scare me, so the student is clearly in the right.

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