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15+ Solid Ideas That Are Really Working For Someone

If it wasn't for the innovators out there, I would either be writing this with a quill and parchment or carving it into a rock, so you best believe I'm thankful for their ideas.

So, here are a few good ideas that folks have found working for them, and just might work pretty well for the rest of us, too.

This home screen couldn't have worked out much better.

Reddit | fluffybunny247

The arc reactor is in the exact same spot as the fingerprint scanner, which must make it feel like you're powering up as you unlock your phone.

This laptop board is about as universal as you can ask for.

Reddit | farplesey

It comes with a mouse pad on it, and if you flip the board over, you'll see that it's not just for right-handed people.

Someone used their drone to take their dog for a walk.

Personally, I'm all for spending more time with pets, but I know that's not always feasible. So it's good to know that it's at least possible to walk a dog via drone, just in case.

This library aims to get important, sensitive info into people's hands without them having to sacrifice privacy.

Reddit | Youre_ARealJerk

So they assembled "tough topics" kits with books and information on things like mental health issues, abuse, and so on, that can be borrowed anonymously.

These soft-serve ice cream cones have been pre-packaged for convenience.

Reddit | semi_imperfect

Apparently grab-and-go soft-serve is already popular in Japan and neighboring areas, and frankly, I think many of us are ready for it to come to other parts of the world, too.

Especially if they come with some sprinkles on the side, amirite?

This store's baskets are color-coded to indicate to sales reps if you want help or not.

Reddit | saksith

I've seen such things elsewhere, and I think it's such a good idea that I will happily trumpet it every single time until every store adopts it.

"My boss ties pieces of paper to his hoodie so he remembers to look at it later."

Reddit | LonelyLightningRod

Hey, the man has a system he can rely on. Not much else matters about it.

It isn't pretty, but it works.

Reddit | Bastard_Wing

This horse has an injured eye, so to protect that eye while allowing it to use the other one, one cup of a bra was cut out. A small sacrifice for the sake of a majestic animal.

Air pockets are being incorporated into this building's construction.

Reddit | sacrecoeur1206

They'll reduce the amount of concrete needed by about 35% and also reduce the weight of the building's ceilings and the amount of energy needed to produce the concrete. Nice bit of efficiency!

These aren't classic gas lamps; they're digital.

Reddit | CiphonUK

So you still get some light and a heaping helping of old-world charm without needing a gas hookup.

Someone turned the void under their staircase into a legit playhouse for the kiddos.

Reddit | AeroBearo

And unless you were planning on keeping a boy wizard away from his wizarding school under there, it's hard to imagine a better use of space.

Now there's a nice thing to do for the felines of this apartment.

Reddit | robrobxD

The owners attached steps to the drainpipe so the kitties could come and go from the fifth-floor apartment.

An ATM, but for cupcakes.

Reddit | justcallmeseech

Really not sure if the Sharks on Shark Tank or the Dragons on Dragon's Den would need to hear much more of a pitch than that. It's perfect.

This car owner has rigged up a system to defend his car from dings and dents in the parking garage.

Reddit | makjes

Hey, unless you're going to fully panel your doors with foam rubber, sometimes you have to do something more makeshift to protect your ride. This will do the trick.

Now that's a money-saver.

Reddit | DadJokeBadJoke

Actually, using the plastic packaging for a little paint roller as the tray isn't just efficient and money-saving, it's also sanity-saving, too. At least, for those of us who hate to paint.

I see what they did there.

Reddit | t-h-a-t-o-n-e-8-6

There's something just too perfect about selling pies for $3.14 on March 14th (aka Pi Day). It's one of those small things that would really win me over as a customer.

How accommodating.

Reddit | The_Gingersnaps

At this hotel, there are markers on the ceiling that point the way to Mecca so Muslim guests know how to orient themselves for prayer. It's a nice, low-profile gesture.

This auto parts company is trying to make some friends.

Reddit | ifukupeverything

Along with its suspension, the company includes a little suspension key chain, too. Hey, why not? It's a neat little unexpected bonus.

This old pen features an unusual way of writing the date.

Reddit | chrischen1911

And you don't have to figure out whether it's European or American to determine the order, day/month/year or month/day/year. It just works, and I'm all for it.

Ceiling fan cord attachments that indicate what each cord controls.

Reddit | Kdog0708

Okay, I know these have been around for a while, but I will never be against them, having suffered through life with a ceiling fan where the cords weren't marked.

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