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Pop-Tarts Is Selling Really F-U-N 'Spongebob'-Themed Treats

In case you were wondering, yes, Spongebob and his pals are doing just fine after 20 years in the biz. Not only is the show still on the air, but the sea creatures have also enjoyed their life on the big screen. This year, a new flick The Spongebob Movie: Sponge on the Run is set to come out in May.

If you weren't thinking of celebrating this momentous occasion, you may want to think again, because Pop-Tarts teamed up with the nautical bunch to release a F-U-N edition of the treat.

While we are all over here social distancing, Pop-arts quietly dropped a Pop-Tarts flavor inspired by the new 'Spongebob' movie.

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Instagrammer @i_need_a_snack_ caught the last box on a Walmart shelf.

The Pop-Tarts are filled with a "Sea Berry" flavor, which apparently tastes like raspberry, according to the box.

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What's more, the pastries are covered in iconic Spongebob characters and items from the show.

In total, there are 5 character Pop-Tarts and 5 "riddle" Pop-Tarts.

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For example, some pastries feature only one character, and some feature graphics that only true Spongebob Squarepants fans will guess correctly.

Like we mentioned previously, @i_need_a_snack_ found this box at Walmart and also saw them listed on Walmart's app, but with grocery store shelves fairly bare these days, definitely call ahead and make sure they're at your local store.

Instagram | @i_need_a_snack_

Will you be giving these F-U-N Pop-Tarts a try? Let us know!

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