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People Are Cooking Up Kooky Coronavirus-Themed Cookies

I don't know about you, but the more the news tells us not to panic, the more I panic. Add social distancing and you've got a recipe for anxious, antsy feelings and boredom!

What we should all be doing is baking more to relieve those feelings. Science says so! Doing small creative tasks, like baking, can lead to positive mental well-being, unless you're making Christina Tosi's famous Milk Bar birthday cake by yourself.

Since it was announced that COVID-19 is a pandemic, and that we should take practicing social distancing seriously, people have found all sorts of creative pursuits to tackle.

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Like baking coronavirus-themed cookies.

Thankfully, the only thing contagious about these cookies is how delicious they must be.

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And if you're a stress-easter like me, these will be gone before you can say "toilet paper."

Speaking of toilet paper...

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Cookies are a great bribe, in my opinion!

But if you're still hoarding TP, consider sharing the wealth, anyways.

Here are some more reassuring cookies.

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Just breathe, stay inside, wash your hands, and eat some cookies!

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