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11+ Tweets To Read While ‘Relaxing’ At Home

As governments increasingly impress upon people the necessity to stay away from crowds and keep yourself indoors as much as you can, there is a lot of time to fill as you sit on your own and try to relax during this stressful time.

So, in order to try and help you mellow out and give you something to laugh about during this challenging period, here are 11+ tweets to read while you are safely "relaxing" at home!

The Mysterious Roommate Game

Twitter | mollytolsky

I like this approach very much. I can see a bright future where my partner gets angry at Emmanuel for not picking up their damn trousers from the bedroom floor! Dammit Emmanuel!

Quarantine Gang

Twitter | charlieamber94

Yeah, most of us have been rocking the self-isolation lifestyle for years, before it was even cool!

Bless You!

Twitter | RodLacroix

Just a friendly heads up, sneezing into other people's elbow is not a good way to make friends regardless of whether there is a pandemic.

My Logic Is Undeniable

Twitter | Rhyming Mama

I'm also struggling to find an answer to this one. I think the only answer is to just let people have tacos all day every day!

Godlike Mode

Twitter | VisionBored1

Wow, I wish that getting older did make you feel God-like. In reality, you just get more tired and achey.

Armour Up!

Twitter | jpbrammer

In fairness, I wish could go out like this even when there isn't a worldwide pandemic going on!

What Have I Forgotten?

Twitter | Sarcastic Mommy

As a kid it used to baffle me that my dad would always forget his morning drink and leave it at home, and now I have become that person. I have gone full circle.

"Are You Proud Of Yourself Sir?"

Twitter | whatsupboosh

The culture of people filming absolutely everything can really come back to bite a lot of people in the ass!

Let's Split Up!

Twitter | JeremyNDooley

This trope is one of the main reasons why I can't watch horror movies, because it's so annoying... well, that and the fact that I'm an absolute nelly.

Curd Nerds!


I might just have to start introducing myself to groups with "G'day curd nerds!" now no matter of the context.

Wait... That's Part Of The Test?!

Twitter | illymation

I think that this could be one of my favorite tweets of all time, and I can't put my finger on why. If anyone knows what classical painting this is, please let me know in the comments so I can look it up!

*Skype's Squelching Ringtone*

Twitter | ikasliwal

I'm still not sure of what the protocol is for attire when working from home? Is it okay to have Skype meetings while you're in your pajamas?

I Don't Have Time For Love

Twitter | XplodingUnicorn

This 5-year-old is radiating the right kind of energy! Do the stuff you've got to do in life first before falling in love, it really complicates things!

The Aftertaste Is Terrible

Twitter | ETD51

Yeah, it really gets repetitive after a while, and it doesn't pair well with any wines as far as I can tell.

Damn Boy!

Twitter | MrBenLHall

At least that this person can get their recognition on the internet! Real-life is overrated anyway!

Ignorance Is Bliss

Twitter | dhm

Well, I guess they are probably safe at least... still gonna be one hell of a shock though. Also, what a great idea for a horror film!

Light The Beacons

Twitter | Socialist_Chris

So make sure you've got your bottles of Jameson full in your drinks cabinet, as it's going to be a lonely St. Patrick's Day!

Wealth Creation

Twitter | LReichennek

It really makes you think. This world needs people to keep going out and buying things, and when that stops, everything stops.

Nothing Changes

Twitter | Kate_Chastain

Now is the time to use up any free trial periods you have still available for streaming services, as we're going to need a lot of content!

Teachers Are The Real Heroes

Twitter | rogermacginty

I spent a short period of time teaching primary school kids after leaving university, and I can attest to the fact that it is an incredibly stressful and tiring job! There's just so many of them!