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10+ Movie Moments That Make No Sense Whatsoever

We love movies. We hate movies. We feel neutral about movies.

The point is, we feel a lot of different ways about movies. But for the most part, we all tend to point out the things that don't make sense about movies!

The tunnel scene

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Movie: Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory

Why it doesn't make sense: Where did this moment come from? We’re having fun (except for maybe Augustus) in this chocolate factory and suddenly we’re being terrified?

Why was this part of the tour?

How did Jake get the right church?

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Movie: Sixteen Candles.

Why it doesn't make sense: When Jake surprises Sam at the church, how did Jake Ryan know where Sam was going to be? Are there not a lot of churches in town?

Why doesn't Mace Windu take more Jedis with him?

Movie: Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith

Why it doesn't make sense: He's the most powerful sith in the galaxy. The guy you've been looking for. Call up Yoda. Call like 12 guys. Every Jedi you can get. Yes, Anakin included.

Why did Buzz freeze?


Movie: Toy Story

Why it doesn't make sense: If he didn't think that he was a toy, why would he have stopped moving or talking when Andy came in the room to play with him?

Why do people think Cady wrote the burn book?

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Movie: Mean Girls

Why it doesn't make sense: She was the new girl. If she had written the burn book, where would she have gotten all that old gossip? She would've had help.

But people didn't put that together.

The poop in the dresses

Movie: Bridesmaids

Why it doesn't make sense: The most important question that can be asked about this scene is, did Lillian have to pay for all the dresses that everyone pooped in?

Why Jack died

Movie: Titanic

Why it doesn't make sense: There was room on the door. Even if there wasn't they could have taken turns. Or something. We all know that Jack didn't have to die!!

Okay, so maybe we're just bitter.

Palpatine in *The Rise Of Skywalker*


Movie: Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker.

Why it doesn't make sense: "The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural" isn't an excuse.

What was he doing back, how is he alive, how did he get all those ships? The questions never end.

Tyler's death

Movie: Fight Club

Why it doesn't make sense: We understand why he dies, but there's one thing bothering us.

When he shoots himself through his cheek, the back of his head blows out. How is that possible?

How does Malcolm not know that he is dead?


Movie: The Sixth Sense

Why it doesn't make sense: Does he do nothing but talk to that kid all day? Is he not weirded out when he goes to the grocery store and nobody acknowledges him?

Mufasa's death

Movie: The Lion King

Why it doesn't make sense: Let's be honest. When the big reveal comes before the fight between Scar and Simba, all the lions instantly believe Simba when he says he killed his dad by accident.

No one bothers to contradict him. A little strange, isn't it?

How is Debbie Ocean let back into the world without a parole officer?

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Movie: Ocean's 8

Why it doesn't make sense: She's a criminal. A pretty big one as well, known for heists. How come she doesn't have a parole officer in the movie?

Digital files

Movie: _ Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice_

Why it doesn't make sense: Bruce Wayne ends up getting Lex's digital files on the Justice League members.

But he then goes to make a deal with Amanda Waller for her files on those same people. Couldn't he have written down Lex's files?

Marty McFly's future life

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Movie: Back To The Future

Why it doesn't make sense: Not his future life, but the one that is his present after he goes to the past.

Why don't his parents recognize him as the mysterious kid from high school?

Although there is a scene where they look at him with a strange expression from their kitchen, nothing is ever confirmed.

Why does water kill the Wicked Witch?

Movie: The Wizard Of Oz

Why it doesn't make sense: Why does she melt when she gets hit by the water? Does it not rain in Oz? Has she never gone for a swim?

Aladdin's final wish


Movie: Aladdin

Why it doesn't make sense: Yes he was honoring his promise, yes it was a noble move, but why didn't he just wish for something, hand the lamp to Jasmine, and let her make the wish?

Probably to send a message about friendship.

What the heck was with the flying car?

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Movie: Grease

Why it doesn't make sense: It's...a flying car. After months of extensive research, it was determined that flying cars didn't exist in the '50s, and remain non-existent to this day.

Steve Rogers returns


Movie: Avengers: Endgame

Why it doesn't make sense: When Steve Rogers goes back in time, returns the stones, and stays with Peggy Carter, he changes history, and that creates a different timeline.

So if he's in a new reality, how did he make it back to the current one?

Tony's Return

Movie: Iron Man 3

Why it doesn't make sense: At the end of the movie, Tony retires from the superhero life.

But he then returns in Age of Ultron with no explanation.

Amanda Waller


Movie: Suicide Squad

Why it doesn't make sense: The team is sent on a mission by their boss, Amanda Waller, to extract a target. That target? Amanda Waller.

She then shoots her entire staff. How did any of this make sense?

The Hulk

Movie: Avengers

Why it doesn't make sense: Bruce Banner's famous line in the Avengers movie is that he's "always angry," which is how he remains calm.

But traditionally when Bruce gets angry, that's how he becomes Hulk. So which is it?

Crane kick

Movie: The Karate Kid

Why it doesn't make sense: Daniel defeats Johnny with a crane kick, and we all went wild for it. But the movie mentions that kicks to the face are illegal.

So he should have been disqualified.

Wayne in Italy


Movie: The Dark Knight Rises

Why it doesn't make sense: There are just so many unanswered questions about the last scene of this movie.

How did Bruce know what cafe to see Alfred in? And if it is Alfred's imagination, why would he imagine Selina Kyle there?

Where does the ice come from?

Movie: Edward Scissorhands

Why it doesn't make sense: Edward flees the scene and never wants to be seen again. But in his free time, he's apparently carving all kinds of ice sculptures.

Our question is: how??