Mommy Needs Vodka

Boozy Memes To Keep You Entertained And Hydrated At Home

Even if your home is your oasis, being forced to stay inside can feel like a prison sentence. There's nothing like being told you can't do something to make you want to do it even more, amirite?

If you're hunkering down these days, let these apt memes transport you to a very happy place.

Because salads are SO healthy.

Instagram | @boozememes

I can certainly get on board with the sentiment here.

They do say gargling is a vital part of a healthy oral hygiene routine.

Instagram | @ice57man

This will be sure to disinfect your mouth.

They're called priorities.

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Well, it's not like you can drink toilet paper.

Here's hoping these made you laugh, but didn't make you spit out any alcohol.

That would just be a waste of booze, wouldn't it?