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10+ Lies From Famous Movies Fans Fell For

Believe it or not, but movies don't have to tell the truth. They can, in fact, be total works of fiction.

In fact, movies that are sometimes based on true stories exaggerate the truth sometimes.

Point is: movies lie. These are those movies.

It wasn't Zac Efron's voice


This may be hard to hear, High School Musical fans, but that wasn't Zac Efron singing in those movies. Most of his singing voice was done by Drew Seeley.

It's okay. You can cry.

"Pretty Woman's" poster is a lie


Don't get us wrong, Richard Gere and Julia Roberts are in this movie. And it is certainly called Pretty Woman.

But that's not Julia Roberts' body. Her head was superimposed onto this poster.

Isabella's Voice


In The Lizzie McGuire Movie, Lizzie McGuire (played by Hilary Duff) and Italian pop singer Isabella Parigi (also played by Duff) sing "What Dreams Are Made Of" together.

But Hilary wasn't singing with herself. Haylie Duff, Hilary's sister, provided the voice to Isabella.

The pigs behind "Babe"

Universal Pictures

You'd think that a movie about one special pig would star one special pig.

But no, the movie actually had 48 different piglets to play Babe.

Rachel McAdams' hair in "Mean Girls"

We all know that Rachel McAdams isn't a natural blonde. But we all assumed that she went that extra step for Mean Girls and dyed her hair.

She did not. That's a wig.

The Raptor Noises

Universal Pictures

Believe it or not, the raptor noises in Jurassic Park don't come from actual raptors. Turns out they didn't have a lot of audio recording equipment back then.

They used the sounds of tortoises mating instead.

Ralph Macchio's Age

Columbia Pictures

He was a fresh-faced, young teenager in The Karate Kid. Because of this, most of us assumed that he'd be in high school.

But we were wrong. Ralph Macchio was 22 when he filmed that movie.



Remember the country from The Princess Diaries? Grab yourself a map (or let's face it, Google it) and try to find Genovia. It won't be there, because it doesn't exist.

They made it up.

The older Dottie

Columbia Pictures

Despite the fact that she played the younger version of Dottie, the older version of the woman from A League Of Their Own was not played by Geena Davis.

They used an older actress, Lynn Cartwright, and dubbed Geena's voice.

The characters from "Titanic"

The movie is based on real-life events. There are a bunch of real-life people on the ship. You'd expect the main characters to be real-life people as well.

But no. James Cameron made them up.

Oh, and the ocean scenes...

Well those must have been shot in the ocean right? Next to an actual sinking ship?

No, those were of course shot in a pool. But it looked like the water was cold!

Michael J Fox plays multiple characters

Universal Studios

In Back to the Future Part II, Michael J. Fox plays not only Marty McFly, but old Marty, Marty Jr., and Marlene.

That's right. Michael J Fox plays his own daughter.

The truth about Pocahontas


In the Disney canon, Pocahontas is 18 years old.

However, in real life, when John Smith and Pocahontas met she was only 10 years old. He described her in his biography as "a child of 10 years old."

Jennifer Lopez singing

Warner Bros.

We all loved Lopez in the movie Selena, but did you know that wasn't her singing?

They actually used Selena's voice! I wonder if Lopez felt insulted.