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5+ Celebs Who Can't Stand Wendy Williams (And 5+ Who Adore Her)

We've done a couple of pieces about celebs who are loved and hated in Hollywood.

But today, we take on truly one of the most divisive figures in the business.

That person is Wendy Williams, and while she may be pretty mean at times, there are some people who adore her.

CAN'T STAND: Mariah Carey


The two have been feuding for years.

Most notably, Mariah Carey made a reference to William's style of interviewing in her song "Touch My Body":

"Cause they be all up in my business like a Wendy interview. But this is private, between you and I.”

ADORE: Tiffany Haddish

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It's really hard to hate comedian Tiffany Haddish, so it's hard for even Wendy to diss her.

The two are often seen together when Haddish is in New York City.

CAN'T STAND: Whitney Houston

Back in the days when she had a radio show, Wendy went toe to toe with Whitney Houston.

She just kept asking the singer about her drug problem and Houston did not take kindly to the questions.

ADORE: Kelly Ripa

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The two girls are both ultra-famous talk show hosts and they both live in New York City.

So it only makes sense that the two of them would be friends.

CAN'T STAND: Method Man

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Method Man's biggest beef with Wendy Williams came when she announced that the rapper's wife had cancer.

After she aired the story on the radio, Method Man sent a message to her saying "she would be dealt with".

ADORE: Jerry O'Connell

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She and Jerry are very much alike. They both like reality TV, they both like talking about reality TV, and when she took a leave of absence, guess who took her spot as host?

Jerry O'Connell.


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For years, Diddy and Wendy were in a feud. It mostly had to do with Diddy firing her years and years ago.

These days, however, they seemed to have patched things up, at least a little.

ADORE: Howard Stern

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The two have been friends for almost their entire careers!

They both grew up in radio and they have known each other for 20 years! Talk about a long friendship.

CAN'T STAND: Tyler Perry

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Tyler is one of three celebrities who Wendy has accused of being gay (not that there's anything wrong with that).

He has since refused to be on her show.

ADORE: Andy Cohen

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Andy Cohen and Wendy Williams have been friends for some time now.

Whenever they're in New York together, they're always seen going to the same parties and attending the same events.


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Usher is the second celebrity that Wendy has accused of being gay.

He too has refused to be on her show because of it.

ADORE: Kris Jenner

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Wendy Williams has dissed the Kardashians many times on air. But apparently, Kris Jenner doesn't mind.

The two of them are powerful, self-made women who like to support each other!


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In spot number 3 we have LL Cool J, who Wendy Williams has also claimed to be gay.

And because of that, it resulted in some bad blood, and the star has refused to be on her show.

ADORE: Jennifer Lopez

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The two of them may not be the best of friends, but Jennifer Lopez has been on the show a number of times.

And it's reported that she and Wendy have a good professional relationship.