5+ Hidden Details About Joey And Chandler's Apartment

There are a lot of hidden details about the Friends universe.

We've shared a couple once or twice on this very website, but now we're going to focus in one some of the more niche stuff.

Specifically, these are the hidden details about Joey and Chandler's apartment.

1. Hardwood floors


When Joey and Chandler switch apartments with Rachel and Monica, the first thing Monica does is rip up their old, gross carpet.

There's a hardwood floor in the apartment for the rest of the series.

2. M&M


Sometimes, Joey and Chandler will hide things in their stove (or should I say the producers would hide things in the stove).

Like this one time, they hid an M&M dispenser in there.

3. The Laurel and Hardy poster


There are a lot of things that come and go in Joey and Chandler's apartment.

However, the Laurel And Hardy poster is one of the only things that stay throughout the series.

4. The "Five Card Charlie" sign is always moving


Sometimes it's above the sink, sometimes it's by the front door, and sometimes it's in the living room!

That darn Five Card Charlie sign is always around somewhere!

5. The apartment number


At the beginning of the series, Joey and Chandler lived in apartment number 4. The girls lived in apartment number 5, and all was good with the world.

For now...

But then, out of nowhere, the two of them were switched to 19 and 20.


This was so it looked like they lived on a higher floor.

So they could go upstairs and look down on the ugly naked guy.

6. Rosita The Chair


After Chandler kisses Joey's girlfriend in a season 4 episode, Chandler goes out and buys them new recliners out of guilt.

Joey names his chair "Rosita". Get it? Ro-SEAT-a. Very nice.

7. The Dart Board


At one point and time, Joey and Chandler had a dartboard in their room. Then one day, it just disappeared.

Was it confiscated from them? Did they have to get rid of it?

8. The Magna Doodle


Do you know that little blue thing that hangs on the back on Joey and Chandler's door?

The little thing that you can write on? Well, that's called a Magna Doodle (for some reason).

And the message would always change on it.


Sometimes it would say funny stuff, others it would be random drawings, and after 9/11 it was sometimes a tribute to NYC and FDNY.

Either way, watch out for it next time you watch!

One more fun Magna Doodle fact:


After Joey and Chandler were locked in the closet and robbed, the Magna Doodle read:

"Thanks for all your stuff!"

Looks like the robber was nice enough to leave a funny message.

9. The bachelor party


In the episode where Ross is trying to decide whether Joey or Chandler will be his best man, the two of them throw a bachelor party for him.

If you look closely, you'll see condoms used as decoration.

10. Two microwaves


There was a point and time during the series where fans noticed that Chandler and Joey had two microwaves.

Many wondered why this was the case. There were many fan theories about it...

One theory could have easily been that Joey's love for food meant they needed two microwaves to heat everything for him.


Maybe the two hated cooking, so they got two so they could make meals together.

Maybe one just broke and they were too lazy to replace it.