Quotes For Our Sassy Side

I like to think that I can be sassy from time to time. I can be flamboyant, cutting, and even occasionally have been known to use hand gestures to accentuate what I'm saying, and I think that is the three core ideas of being sassy?

Well, don't just listen to me on the matter, as here are some truly sassy quotes from people who are much more in touch with their sassy side!

I Really Don't Care

Rebel Circus

There is nothing quite as freeing as just not giving a crap. Once you realize that you aren't phased by the way the world works, you can truly start living your sassy best life!

It's A Matter Of Good And Bad Taste


If people don't like you or your sassy style, then it's time to move on to new people who can truly appreciate your sassiest final form! Go forth, and find such people now!