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Travel To A Galaxy Not So Far Away With United's 'Star Wars'-Themed Airplane

Flying isn't the most fun ever. Lines are getting longer, seats are getting tighter, and you can barely bring a perfectly normal-sized carry-on on board. Don't even get me started on the turbulence!

United is helping make the flying experience a little better.

Okay, maybe a lot better.

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The airline joined forces with Star Wars to create a galactic-themed plane that is truly out of this world cool.

The outside of the plane features both the Light side and Dark side. The tail is complete with both the iconic blue and red lightsabers, as well as the X-Wing and TIE fighters, and a ton of stars.

The interior of the plane is a whole experience in and of itself, too.

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The headrests sport the emblems of both the Resistance and First Order, separated only by an aisle. I have a feeling some people will want to be switching seats!

Passengers will also be greeted with music from the films while boarding, which is a great idea for all airlines to adopt!

Did you think that was it from the aircraft? You were wrong.


Passengers will also be given little amenity kits that, you guessed it, are also decked out in a Star Wars theme.

They missed no detail. Even their safety video got the galactic treatment.

Don't worry. You won't be in First Order territory on this flight. It only flies between the U.S. and Canada.


There is little info on how you can ensure you're on this specific flight, but you can track it to see where it's headed!

Head to United's website to book!

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