Wrap Yourself Up In A Delightful Crochet Pizza

Pizza lovers unite!! Your blanket is here. For those who have a love-hate relationship with pizza, this crochet blanket, created by Jade Stoner, will wrap you up in all that glorious pizza goodness without the worry of calories. OK, let's not be crazy... Like we are going to give up pizza. Cuddle yourself up with this pizza blanket, put on a movie, and eat some pizza.

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1. This really makes me wish I could crochet. 

Instagram | @jadeestoner

If I could, I would crochet my favorite toppings.

2. Looks both cozy and delicious!

Instagram | @jadeestoner

3. And it even folds into a perfect slice of pizza! 

Instagram | @jadeestoner

Ok, now I really want a piece of pizza.

4. I am off to get some pizza!


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