12 Alternative Uses For Watering Cans

Diply 4 May 2016

Spring is well-known for its blooming flowers and chirping birds, but more than that, it is recognized as a time for spring cleaning! People everywhere head out to their garages, backyards, and garden sheds to clean, sort, and reorganize. They take stock of what they have and toss away things that they don't need. Spring cleaning is that job that we despise on one hand, but on the other, we love. It is a big chore, but at the end of the day, it feels so good to rid yourself of old junk and be free from the clutter that has built up over the winter. Yes, spring cleaning does feel good, but I love spring cleaning for a different reason: free junk. People toss out all kinds of stuff that make the best materials for DIY projects. One item that I see quite a bit at the ends of people's driveways are watering cans. So in the spirit of spring cleaning, here are 12 ways to reuse old watering cans! And in the spirit of picking up old junk, what's the best thing you have ever scored at the end of someone's driveway?

1. House Numbers 

Design, Dining + Diapers | Design, Dining + Diapers

Take an old, rusty watering can, give it a fresh coat of paint, and stencil on your house number. You now have a cute and chic piece for your garden and people will be able to find your home a lot easier!

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2. Table Centerpiece

Pinterest | Brian Blatt

Bring a touch of spring to your table by using a watering can as a centerpiece. Pair it with a burlap runner for a chic, rustic look.

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3. Hanging Planter 

Curtain Queen Creates | Curtain Queen Creates

Paint an old watering can and hang it from a shepherd's hook. This piece of decor will provide your garden with an extra punch of color and style.

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4. Door Decor 

Concord Cottage | Concord Cottage

Ditch the traditional wreath and opt for a fresh new look for your door. A watering can paired with some artificial flowers will bring a fresh spring look to your door. For an extra pop of color, add in some coordinating ribbon.

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5. Teacher's Gift

Silhouette School | Silhouette School

Surprise your child's teacher this year with a well thought-out gift. Take a watering can and plant some pretty flowers in it. Here is a great example of a cute phrase you can paint on the can, or you could use alphabet stickers. Check your local dollar store for the materials for this project!

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6. Yard Art 

Crafts by Amanda | Crafts by Amanda

Create a unique and dazzling piece of art for your yard using an old watering can and some crystals.

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7. Alternative Vase 

Instagram | @_wirginia_

The next time you pick up a bouquet of fresh flowers, reach for a watering can instead of a vase. This would also make a cute housewarming gift!

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8. Water Can Fountain 

Sophisticated Junkie | Sophisticated Junkie

Create a stunning fountain in your backyard with a couple of watering cans and a galvanized bucket. This rustic piece would be a great addition to any garden!

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9. Mailbox Decor

KMcG73 | Junk Market Style

Hang a rustic watering can from your mailbox for a little extra curb appeal.

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10. Hanging Watering Cans

Love My Dress | Love My Dress

If you are looking for a stunning piece of décor for your next event, try hanging up some vintage watering cans. Fill them with all kinds of pretty florals and you will be sure to have your guests talking!

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11. Lamp Base 

Trash To Treasure Decorating | Trash To Treasure Decorating

Use an old watering can as a base for a lamp. Bring that outdoor rustic feel into your living space!

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12.  Vintage Decor 

Instagram | @myoldredbrickhouse

You could always just leave a vintage watering can exactly as it is. Use rustic and vintage watering cans as added décor pieces around your home and garden.

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