Tattoo Artist's Micro Pop Culture Designs Pack A Big Punch

People get tattoos for many different reasons. Sometimes it's to etch an eternal message, and other times it's to celebrate a bond with someone. And, there are those times where a tattoo is just pure fun. I think that's the case with pop culture designs.

They remind us of the things we like. One tattoo artist has mastered the art of pop culture imagery in the most amazing way.

Eden Kozokaro, aka Kozo Tattoo, is an amazing tattoo artist from Israel.

His signature style is to create micro pop culture tattoos that are so real, you simply have to see them.

Even though his tattoos aren't the biggest, they definitely pack a punch when it comes to detail.

As in he spares none of it. Just look at this one.

Kozo's tattoos feature popular characters and scenes from TV shows, movies, comic books, and music.

Instagram | @kozo_tattoo

Oftentimes, the focus is on a specific pop-culture element that everyone can easily recognize.

His career in tattooing started with humble beginnings when a friend bought him the cheapest tattoo machine he could find on eBay.

That friend actually became Kozo's first client.

After that, Kozo started offering free tattoos to pretty much everyone he knew.

Instagram | @kozo_tattoo

The tattoo culture in Israel is still pretty small with a very tight community.

Kozo and his tattoo friends take their passion and hard work to heart by showing people in his country that a tattoo is just another expression of art.

Just check out this surreal version of The Mona Lisa.

Kozo has tried to marry his knowledge of classical painting with the small canvas he has to work with on a person's skin.

I think he's doing a phenomenal job.

He likes to work with people who aren't normally interested in doing a huge piece like a full sleeve.

Instagram | @kozo_tattoo

So he's tried to focus on micro tattooing technique instead.

In his work, he tries to design with minimalism in mind as he believes that less is more.

Instagram | @kozo_tattoo

I gotta say, I kinda agree with him on that one.

Some people would have you believe that micro tattoos won't stand the test of time.

But Kozo is here to prove that when done right, that's definitely not the case.

His tattoos are so well thought out and brilliantly designed.

Not to mention they're masterfully executed with lots of bright colors and amount of detail not to be outdone.

If you really want to see for yourself how Kozo accomplishes what he does, just take a look at this sneak peek video showing you how the magic happens.

Is that amazing or what?

Whether it's a pop culture reference you're after or a famous work of art, I guarantee that Kozo has you covered.

His beautifully done tattoos stand out on their own.

OMG, just when I thought I wouldn't get wowed by yet another tattoo artist, I stand corrected.

These tattoos are absolutely something else. They're simply a pleasure to look at.