Sassy Hand Sanitizers Kill Germs But Not Your Sense Of Humor

Cold and flu season is upon us which means that people are stocking up on hand sanitizer as if the concept of cleaning our hands is a new fad (I really hope that isn't the case).

If you're looking to spice up your hand sanitizer with something that will kill germs and make you laugh, you need to check these hilarious bottles out.

We all know that washing and sanitizing your hands is important.


Is it a fun task? Not particularly. But, we can't underestimate how important it is to clean our hands following activities like texting on the toilet.

At least with these hilarious hand sanitizer bottles we can get a laugh in while we clean our hands.

Have you ever wanted to show those germs who's boss?

Perpetual Kid

Then I think you need to toss one of these in your purse. It's sassy and classy!

File this under "things we'd rather not think about but are probably true".



See, people? This is why we NEED to wash our hands. This is also why I hate handshakes.

If you're all set on the hand sanitizer front, maybe a snarky soap pump is what you need to politely remind guests to wash their freaking hands!


It's just a subtle (okay, maybe not that subtle) prompt.

Who's ready to stock-up on these hilarious products that will keep our hands clean, too? I know I am!