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Punny *NSYNC Towel Reminds Your Family To Stop Piling Dishes So You Don't Have To

We've all done it. After devouring a home-cooked meal our mom or dad spent making even after they've worked all day, we head back to the kitchen, place the dishes in the sink, and walk away, hoping that the magic kitchen fairy pays a visit and magically washes the dishes.

Now that we're older, we know there's nothing worse than seeing dishes piling up in the sink, no matter how much washing them sucks.

If your family now does the same thing you did, there's a punny kitchen towel that passive-aggressively tells them what to do.

Etsy | silvaliningdesigning

Etsy shop silvaliningdesigning is selling these "Don't leave dishes *NSYNC" dish towels.

The towel appropriately has a photo of lead singer Justin Timberlake staring sternly into the eyes of the dirty dish perpetrator.

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Hopefully your family will get the hint, and hopefully they don't get snarky and leave the dishes on the counter.

Time to find another pun just in case...

This towel isn't just for family members, however.

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The towel is also perfect to kindly remind your roommates to wash their own dishes.

If all goes to plan, you should be saying "bye bye bye" to a cluttered sink!

Find it for $9.

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