'Lucifer' Star Tom Ellis Has Signed On For A Sixth Season

Lucifer fans, rejoice!

When Netflix announced they would be saving the show after its three-season run on Fox, we were already pretty hype, even if it meant that the fifth season of the show would be the last.

The show initially ran for three seasons on Fox.

When it was announced that the show was being cancelled, fans rallied together with the hashtag #SaveLucifer to show that there was a passionate audience for the show.

The #SaveLucifer campaign worked and Netflix picked up the series.

Fans were obviously pumped that their campaign had caught the attention of those at Netflix and had managed to save the show.

Unfortunately, Netflix announced that the fifth season would be the final one.

However, they did say the fifth season would be split into two parts, so it did seem like they were just as reluctant to say goodbye to the series as the fans were.

Last month, rumors began swirling that Netflix was looking to renew the show for a sixth season.

Fans were ecstatic at the news that their favorite show might return from the brink of death (okay, just cancellation) twice in a row!

The show has been one of the top-streaming shows of all time, so it would make sense to save it.

While it hasn't been officially confirmed yet, a new piece of information is making a sixth season look incredibly likely, and it all comes down to the star of the show himself, Tom Ellis.

Ellis has just signed on to star in a sixth season of the show, as have the two show-runners.

Instagram | @officialtomellis

Now that Ellis has a contract that would cover a sixth season, he joins the ranks of many of his co-stars who already had existing deals that had another season included.

Fans are getting pretty excited.

Honestly, I can't blame them — this is all looking like good news from where I'm standing!

Some fans are just hoping for confirmation one way or another.

Season 5 hasn't even premiered yet, so it's probably going to be pretty stressful on fans trying to figure out if there's going to be a season 6!

It's looking REALLY likely now that we're going to get a sixth season!

I can't wait!

Are you excited to hear that the show might be getting another season? Let us know how you feel in the comments below!