Getty Images | Samir Hussein

Kate Middleton Dresses Like A Royal Student With Gorgeous Getup

The Duchess of Cambridge is the epitome of grace, civility, and charity throughout the entire world.

She's a good example of why we still need the royal family around. Also, she's a fashion icon.

So here's the real question, ladies, and gentlemen: Is there no look that Kate Middleton can't pull off?

The Royals were in Ireland!

Yes it was a glorious day for Irish people all over Ireland as they were graced by the presence of the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge.

It was truly an exciting day.

But the talk of the town wasn't their arrival. It was all about Kate Middleton's clothes.

It was an Alessandra Rich dress, patterned and green (which, just in case you haven't been paying attention, is a color that Irish people really identify with).

She also wore Catherine Walker coat.

Plus a Kelly suede clutch (also green) and a pair of pumps (green) and finally, a velvet headband.

And, just to fit in even better with the people, she and Prince William drank some Guinness!

These two really are for the people, aren't they?

Drinking beers, wearing green, it's like a Boston couple on Saint Patricks Day!

What did you think of their look? Let us know below in the comments!