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Ryan Reynolds Reveals His Important Parenting Rule

If there was ever any doubt in your mind that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are the greatest couple to ever exist, this is going to change your mind.

In a recent interview with People, Ryan revealed how he and Blake balance their careers to always make time for their children.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are the ultimate couple goals, and they continue to prove that to us on a regular basis.

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From the moment they met on the set of Green Lantern back in 2010, they've been teaching us how relationships, and now, parenthood, are really done.

The pair share three children together, Inez, 5, James, 3, and a baby girl whose name still remains a secret.

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And all I know is that Inez, James, and mystery-baby, have THE coolest parents ever.

While they're both also known for being witty and hilarious individually, they're an even bigger hoot together.

They take every opportunity to poke fun at each other on social media, and TBH, it's the only reason I have Twitter and Instagram. It's the only content I care about.

Like the time Ryan jokingly got jealous after Lionsgate tweeted that Blake and Michiel Huisman made a "perfect pair".

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Obviously, the tweet was referring to their on-screen romance, but Ryan just couldn't resist this perfect opportunity to troll.

And of course, who can forget Ryan's famous cropped birthday post dedicated to Blake?!

We really got a kick out of this one.

"Happy Birthday to my amazing wife," he captioned the photo — that she's hardly apart of.

But naturally, Blake hit back twice as hard on Ryan's birthday — posting this cropped photo of him and his friend, Ryan Gosling.

"Happy birthday, baby," she tweeted.

Idk, I'm pretty sure Blake won this round! Involving Ryan Gosling was savage!

Anyway, you get the point! Ryan and Blake are, by every definition, #RelationshipGoals.

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And now, in a recent interview with People, they've proved that they are also #ParentGoals.

He explained that he and Blake take turns with movie projects, that way, they aren't both spending time away from their children simultaneously.

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“Blake and I don’t do movies at the same time," he began.

"If she is doing a movie in Thailand and I am doing a movie in Vancouver we would just never see each other."

"We operate as a unit," he added.

"And that works really well for us."

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“The kids stay with us, and the family stays together," he went on. "And that is where home is."

"So if we are in Spain or Utah or New York, as long as we are together, we’re home.”

He admitted that traveling together, as a family, can be difficult at times.

“Usually when I’m on an airplane with my kids, at some point I get up".

"And ask the flight attendants if I can leave the aircraft,” he joked.

“99 percent of the time they say, ‘No, please stay seated!’"

" So I just sit back down and long for the sweet release of death," he added.

While Ryan was working on "Pokémon Detective Pikachu", he revealed that he was happy to be working on a film that his daughters could also enjoy.

“To be a part of a film that my wife, Blake, is as excited about as my two daughters is unusual and super-exciting for me,” he said.

“It’s so cool to see my girls pumped.”

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So, there you have it. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are absolutely perfect, and no one could convince me otherwise.